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Peavey Keyboard Amplifiers user reviews

  • Peavey KB/A 100

    Peavey KB/A 100 - vost20's review


    -100W solid-state keyboard amp -3 channels (with Jack or XLR inputs for the first one and only Jack for the two others) -Gain control for each channel + a small button to increase the sound in 12 db -Fx input and output + Headphones out on the rea…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - mooseherman's review


    This is a keyboard amp that can double as a bass amp or guitar amp in certain situations. It has three channels, one for keys, one for acoustic guitar, and one for a microphone. I'm pretty sure that the keyboard channel can be used for bass as well. …

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - sxlighting's review


    3 inputs, volume + gain controls, low, mid, high and reverb for each input. Master volume and reverb. The kb300 is powerful. UTILIZATION It is easy to use, the sound is good and the lows can be very powerful. I've never read the entire manual (beca…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - ang3lou's review


    Nothing to add about the features. UTILIZATION It couldn't be easier to dial in!! A real delight OVERALL OPINION After 10 years of use, I had to write a review here. It's an IMPLACABLE amp!!! It has never broken down, it is very, very sturdy and…

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - stephanelp's review


    Solid-state amp with reverb It must be 50 watts into 8 ohms Connections on front panel: 2 x 2 high low inputs, including one with push boost 1 pre eq out-in, 1 pre amp out and 1 power amp in 2 gain controls, 3 EQ controls and 1 for the reverb On…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - vevemia's review


    Hi! Many things have been said... but the amp only delivers 65W, a trick that works for all amps is to divide by three their consumption. UTILIZATION In fact, its sound is average, its response goes from around 100 to 14000Htz; I was forced to use …

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - studio cangé's review


    See previous reviews. I don't find it neutral enough. UTILIZATION In fact, I don't think it's neutral enough for piano (I have a good sound system), but several months ago I was forced to use it with my SansAmp Bass DI (tube amp simulation for bass…

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - blackmore's review


    Solid-state, 60-watt keyboard amp made in USA. Very high manufacturing quality (not like nowadays). Two channels, each with hi or low impedance input, volume control. Common bass, mid, treble EQ for both channels. Preamp output + amp input (effect…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - MeisterH.'s review


    100W transistor jack connectors basic settings, no real effect (except for a pseudo reverb?!) UTILIZATION Configuration: easy A good sound? Yes, very faithful User manual? Ah, I don't know, it does its job :P OVERALL OPINION I've used it one …

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - Will Zégal's review


    - Amplification technology (tube, solid state, ...)? 65 W transistor amp - Output power? ??? It's mighty - Connections? Varies depending on the year. On the old ones, 3 jack inputs, while on the newer ones, the first one is an XLR combo. Ef…