Peavey KB/A 100
Peavey KB/A 100

KB/A 100, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB/A series.

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Kikoomaniak 01/04/2006

Peavey KB/A 100 : Kikoomaniak's user review

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-100W solid-state keyboard amp
-3 channels (with Jack or XLR inputs for the first one and only Jack for the two others)
-Gain control for each channel + a small button to increase the sound in 12 db
-Fx input and output + Headphones out on the rear panel
-Another effects loop on the front panel, but you need to use a Y cable.
-4-band EQ. Veeeery effective!!
-One reverb knob
-And an On/off button

I give it a 9 because it doesn't have a master volume control, which would allow you to control simultaneously the volume of all 3 channels, as well as the volume of the effects return!


I use it with a digital piano. The sound is good, faithful to the piano (with a bit more mids, which can be compensated with the EQ).

I also use it with my drums (roland td8) and it sounds awesome!!!
Everything is well-defined, from the snare to the cymbals!

I've also had the chance to connect a microphone, and I think the sound was a bit dull, but it's an amp that doesn't provide any warmth so it's better to avoid for guitars or mics (although it's a matter of taste^^)

The EQ is easy to adjust (you just need to turn the knobs) and radical!

The reverb is a fly in the ointment, because it is not very nice, but it's just an amp...


Very transparent amplification!
100W of pooooower!!!! I have never dared turn a gain knob beyond halfway (and that's without the 12 db boost)!
It's an excellent amp for keyboards or drums!
Although I think it's a bit expensive, even if the pleasure of having it makes you forget about that...
As time goes by I am more happy with my choice!!