Peavey KB60
Peavey KB60
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blackmore 11/27/2006

Peavey KB60 : blackmore's user review

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Solid-state, 60-watt keyboard amp made in USA. Very high manufacturing quality (not like nowadays).
Two channels, each with hi or low impedance input, volume control.
Common bass, mid, treble EQ for both channels.
Preamp output + amp input (effects loop).
One reverb (plate, apparently)
Headphones output on the rear panel.
Manufactured in the '80s/'90s, it can only be found secondhand today.
It costs around $200/$250 (in very good condition).


Easy to use, no need of a manual. You just need to plug in and play.
The clean sound is very transparent, it reproduces the instrument pretty faithfully.
The power is adequate so you can use it in a piano bar or on a small stage.
It is very versatile, you can plug anything into it (piano, guitar, bass, mic).
I connect to inputs 1 or 2 my pianos, my acoustic-electric, my bass and playing with the EQ you can get very good sounds. I connect my tubeman (tube preamp) to the amp input (without going through the preamp) and it is excellent, too.
You can even pretend to be a DJ by connecting a mixer (but it's better to have two for stereo).
In short, a true Swiss-army knife that can handle anything with excellent results.


It's the ultimate versatile amp, so if you are like me and play a bit of everything (guitar, bass, piano) and you don't want to have several amps, this is the one you need. It's relatively small, but not especially light (it's sturdily built, it seems indestructible!!!), and it can handle anything.
I bought it dirt cheap secondhand, so it is (for me) an amazing value for money!!