Peavey KB60
Peavey KB60
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Peavey KB60 : Anonymous 's user review

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See previous reviews. I don't find it neutral enough.


In fact, I don't think it's neutral enough for piano (I have a good sound system), but several months ago I was forced to use it with my SansAmp Bass DI (tube amp simulation for bass) and my Musicman, and it was a real treat. My bass setup works better with my HS than with my big Fender BRX 300 (which I use on stage). The musicians I play with were all surprised by the performance of the 15" and the tweeter.
It is really powerful and beefy for a 60 w amp. Indeed, you can't find gear like this at such a low price point anymore.
It's been lying around in my rehearsal room for 10 years (I don't like pianos ever since). After this revelation, it's has become my bass amp.

It also works remarkably well with the Vox Tonelab (amp and speaker simulation).


Pros: Its sturdiness, it can handle really well low frequencies, the connections, its versatility, and its price.

Cons: It is not transparent as a piano amp (it's OK for rhodes and organs, but not for acoustic sounds), it is very unpleasant.

As a piano amp it is worth 6, but as a versatile amp for bass guitar, rhodes, guitar amp simulation, it's worth 10. It's weird that the brand's TNT bass amps quite mediocre.