Peavey KB60
Peavey KB60

KB60, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB series.

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gg.2705 10/15/2013

Peavey KB60 : gg.2705's user review

« A very versatile solid-state amp »

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Solid-state amp made in U.S.A (in the '90s, I think)

See previous reviews for details about connections.


Simple: Turn the pots, the EQ controls are precise.


I use it live occasionally and more frequently at home, without cranking it too much.

- double input (practical for rehearsals at home to amplify guitar/piano, for example), very precise clean sounds, it seems to deliver more than the 60 W it allegedly does.
- rugged construction ++
- versatile ++ good performance every time (I use it with piano/guitar: good reproduction of low frequencies).
- very interesting value for money secondhand (+/- $130)

- weight (consider a case with casters or something similar when you take it out!)
- the reverb is very discreet/not very effective (I bought a reverb pedal to make up for this issue)