Peavey KB300
Peavey KB300

KB300, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB series.

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ang3lou 02/19/2009

Peavey KB300 : ang3lou's user review

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Nothing to add about the features.


It couldn't be easier to dial in!! A real delight


After 10 years of use, I had to write a review here.
It's an IMPLACABLE amp!!! It has never broken down, it is very, very sturdy and truly VERY versatile.
It's a keyboard amp, but it can be used for anything!!
At first I used it to amplify two acoustic guitars and my vocals (it has 3 inputs!) for rehearsals and gigs, and it performed great.
I then used it several years as a PA system for vocals during rehearsals and now I use it as a bass amp and, to be honest, it sounds awesome!!
I am very happy with it, it's my oldest amp and I do not intend to part with it.
In short, this amp is truly extraordinary!!!