Peavey KB60
Peavey KB60
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stephanelp 02/02/2009

Peavey KB60 : stephanelp's user review

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Solid-state amp with reverb
It must be 50 watts into 8 ohms
Connections on front panel: 2 x 2 high low inputs, including one with push boost
1 pre eq out-in, 1 pre amp out and 1 power amp in
2 gain controls, 3 EQ controls and 1 for the reverb
On the rear panel it has a headphones out and a keyboard in


It's very easy to dial in and you can get an incredibly powerful sound, given its size and the power rating. You will nevertheless need effects to get what you want, the reverb isn't very good (or should I say useless?), but the amp is as easy as it gets.


I've used it for several months and before it I had a tnt 150, which was huge and with a mediocre sound. As of today, I use this amp at home with all my instruments (bass, guitar, synth, and vocals). It's an amp with a powerful and fat sound, not like a hi-fi system.
I've tried lots of amps, big, small and mid-sized, and this one suits me best for rehearsals, concerts in small venues and as monitor speaker on stage. You can put it next to a 150-watt amp and it will not blush. I wonder how they achieved such power.
It has a very good finish, it's made in the USA, you simply can't do better.
It's indestructible, no problems with the pots.
The guys I rehearse with were really surprised by the quality and sound of the amp.
I bought it secondhand and will not sell it, ever.