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koramix 11/04/2014

Peavey KB100 : koramix's user review

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Amp transistors, it is cheaper? Yes maybe, but this is the keyboard amp, what interest to put lamps ??? huh ??? But otherwise it's a keyboard amp first. But it will amuse more than a bassist. Yeah tweeter recess, but not twitter.
Connectivity, including a 4 jack XLR BY MODELS


Simple Config, it's just an amp, not a coqpit.
Clear in 4 languages ​​and eight-page manual. Two in French, it is not literature.

I board no manual set I printed via the web.
And beware !!! KB 100 has been marketed for some time, and the beast has mutated. Mute is not, however, his temperament. There are various latest models are equipped with a 12 db button, and there are different ways to connect the jacks by model. I have an early model 1999 and a second in 2004. I use them in monitoring home studio, yes it is an aberration I know, but it also serves as a home recording studio microphone, and it is not as disappointing as that.


I possess from 1 year to the Peavey KB 100 1999. I would say that its RMS power of 100 W is far announced but it Degomme. For the second (that of 2004) there is one further 100 W. but it's not the most important at this beast.

As a bassist, I use pseudo stereo via a small sound card (Steinberg UR 22) and also CUBASE. I work for the time being with a keyboardist, and we very quickly adjust the EQ (equalizer) 4 bands really work for the 2 models. I mainly tried to amp hilarious as very large.

Tried at home in the garden unannounced with friends in the early evening (nan !! it was late in the evening), with 4 inputs and allows immediate connect what you want .

It is enough haired hunk (25 or 26 kg ... the fat) to cash oxen to the stage, you will have to resolve to connect only one instrument recess, the EQ will not fit all users. (So ​​first, keyboard) then bass). But with choeuristes why not? to try