Peavey KB3
Peavey KB3

KB3, Keyboard Amplifier from Peavey in the KB series.

sw80 01/30/2013

Peavey KB3 : sw80's user review

« Good sound but for this price.. It is not worth it »

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The Peavey KB3 is a 1 x 12 Keyboard amp with balanced XLR outs and a 12 inch speaker. The sound is very clean but it does not get very loud. I did expect a lot more for my 300 bucks when I purchased this but it just didn’t have it. I feel like it should have not cost more than 200 dollars with its minimal features. I have used many keyboard amps in this price range and this is probably the only one that does have any bells and whistles too it. Some people feel like 300 dollars is cheap for a keyboard amp, and it is. But there are so many other amps out there that give you more features for your dollar.


There are no effects on this amp which was unreal considering some of the other amps that have plenty of effects in this same price range. There is also not a microphone input for use with a dynamic microphone and this amp weighs over 50 pounds. So it weighs more, has no EQ or microphone input and no effects. But cost more than some other models that have those extras.


I was very confused and upset with Peavey on the KB3 and did not keep it for more than a week. The sound is clean and crisp but at this price you can just get so much more. I do not recommend getting this at this price, maybe if you can get a lightly used one for less than 200 I say go for it because the sound is pretty good (not loud though). I like to have effects and EQ right on my amp no matter whether I am practicing or gigging. This amp just was not for me and was a disappointment from Peavey. I returned it after 6 days and got an immediate refund.