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All user reviews for the Apex Electronics 435

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 30 reviews )
 20 reviews67 %
 5 reviews17 %
 3 reviews10 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MichaelDarolfi's review"Great sound for the price!"

Apex Electronics 435
Ive used this mic on many things including vocals. It works perfectly for anything in my opinion. It all depends on the sound you are going for in the end and if it sound good, why does it matter whether is comes from a 70$ mic vs a 1000$ mic. I have some songs ive made with this and here is an example.

in the song "otherside" i used this mic on acoustic guitar and vocals.

ericthegreat's review"decent quality"

Apex Electronics 435
The Apex 435 is an omni only version of the regular Mouse condenser microphone. I've used both of these mics, but mostly this version. The mic, obviously, has an omni directional polar pick up pattern and will gather frequencies in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The mic also has a built in mic stand adapter on it's underside.


The Apex 435 is up there as one of the best room microphones I've ever used. It's perfect for this applications because it is indeed omni directional and will pick up sound from all angles. This helps to capture all sorts of reflections and really gives you a nice a roomy sound, even when you're using it in a small room. One of the producers that I work with frequently has a set of these and he uses them exclusively as room mics and I really can't say that I blame him based on the results. I honestly haven't used the microphone for much more than this. However, I have used the regular Apex 435 , which I believe is the same exact microphone in a cardioids pick up pattern, and that's a great mic for vocals and other things, so it's possible that this is just as good for similar applications. However, due to it's omni directional pick up pattern, which isn't adjustable, it's not surprising that you'll see this version of the mic mostly used for room mics and other applications where you want sound from all sides. This does limit it's capabilities a bit, so if you're looking for an all purpose condenser, it's probably a safer bet to go with the the cardioids version of the Mouse. Having said that, these are excellent mics for what they are and should definitely be checked out if you're looking for a pair of stationary rooms mics!

yoTrakkz's review"who is Apex?"

Apex Electronics 435
The Apex 435 has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Our church owns 4 and has used them for everything from miking the piano (which we don't do anymore) to miking women's ensemble to children's choir. We've been amazed how one mic can project 8 women. These mics work well with the stereo mic clip too. The 435’s give you a true acoustic drum sound and even more importantly when EQing them on an analog board, you can easily separate cymbals, toms and snare to give your mix an outstanding sound. You may never close mic again.


We use the Apex 435 frequently on Acoustic Guitars and cymbals, usually in stereo with an AKG C414B. Alone, the microphone records my acoustic guitar brilliantly, and it also serves as a great overhead drum mic, and it's great for cymbals (recording or live sound). It would probably sound good on vocals, but I've never used it for that. This is a high quality mic from a company that many of us have not heard from. But they create a nice product, take the time and read up on some of the reviews for this mic you wont be disappointed you will want to invest your money in Apex. Very clean, crisp sounding mic that doesn’t pick up a lot of background noise which is important because most of us don’t always have an official studio to go record at, we usually record on the go from home. This will give you the best “home recording” quality that you can achieve for a reasonable price. The price of this mic isn’t expensive at all, the church has several of them and they are looking to get more. that’s just how well they work! Great, fast transient response, this mic is unlike a lot of other mics that are out on the market in today’s competitive music gear world.
MGR/Michael Morris07/28/2004

MGR/Michael Morris's review"Apex 435"

Apex Electronics 435
I was ready to pickup a good mic for vocals and acoustic guitar. I went in today at lunch yesterday and the sales guy specifically showed me the Apex 435. I got the unit ar Long & McQuade for $70 CDN.

It has a low pass taper off, so it cuts out a good deal of background rumble and vibrations. It also, being a cardioid condenser mic picks up literally everything in the room, beautiful.

There is nothing to complain about, with the exception of the cardiod aspect (it is not interchangeable like the 420).

Tough, and made of metal. The cradle is rather well constructed as well, a little flimsy, but good quality nonetheless.

It is a well designed 48V condenser mic. Overall, for the price, not regretting it one bit.

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MGR/Joel McCain05/18/2004

MGR/Joel McCain's review"Apex 435 Condenser Mic"

Apex Electronics 435
I bought this mic at long and mcquade because i wanted an all purpose mic to mic amps and acoustic guitars, as well as vocals and overhead drums. I had originally intended on buying a shure sm-57, but when i got there the salesman I normally deal with told me that the apex 435 was hands down the best mic for the money. He also said lots of studio rats were using them instead of the $1000 plus tlm-103. I ended up paying $70 canadian for it.

Perfect sound replication and it picks up all the nuances of playing style and picking dynamics. Nice crystal clear sound for vocals, and worked equally well with male and female singers. Came with a reliable shock mount that was preassembled.

well it's a condenser and it's super sensitive, you need a really quiet environment to record in which is often unavailable. Would be no different with any other good quality condenser.

Well unfortunately it got the torture test when my mic stand came loose and it enjoyed a 5 ft freefall to concrete, to my amazement it still worked just as well as it did out of the box.

for home recording i wouldn't recommend another mic, if you buy the art tube mp mic preamp, you'll have a professional condenser mic setup for $160 canadian. doesn't get much better than that

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Pascaloo!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I recorded an album with this mic!"

Apex Electronics 435
vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion ...

large diaphragm condenser mic and preamp that uses a FET (a type of transistor whose characteristics are similar to those of a lamp)


I used for 4 years with a Mindprint Trio card at the beginning,
then Scarlett 2i2 2 Years
warm sound and unbeatable quality / price
I first recorded this piece with:
and a CD with 12 tracks 4 tracks are available here:

yes I do it again this choice!
YoucasteY production09/01/2012

YoucasteY production's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good start micro-level or it will force the mix."

Apex Electronics 435
Type: Condenser large diaphragm
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity:-37dB (14mV/Pa)
Impedance: <200 ohms
Equivalent noise level: 24dB
S / N: 76dB
Max SPL: 140dB
Power supply: 9V - 48V Phantom Power
Dimensions: 1.75 x 6 inches / 45 x 152 mm
Weight: 13 oz / 362 g


I use it for about 2 years and intensively for 6 months with the opening of my studio.

What I love about this mic is its sensitivity course you less than a dynamic force, though with only two microphones "studio based", the other being a pro Behringer b1, my choice was made quickly taken for the sound!
Anyway I will not dwell on the German star,
what I mean is that I can push the apex to its limits.
Let me explain:

Acquisition of a guitar amp, resulting in a sound equalization cold enough or is not recommended for a better place and quality in the mix.
He also this to unpleasant bump at the top of the spectrum that I prefer to place it in a micro atmosphere transplanted guitar amp.

With an acoustic guitar is the same, I think it takes more place next box to retrieve the lack of heat which he suffers, after that it will still spend time on the equalizer.

Finally taking voice, its main function with me, micro fared pretty well, but it is difficult to control at distance.
It should of course be following each microphone and singer well find its placement but I blame him two things that are his famous bump or use a de-esser me is almost mandatory and fairly low output level.
So luckily I have a good preamp for this but must make a choice - either away from the singer's microphone to "escape" and sibilance too pronounced and push the preamp is venturing to recover the atmosphere too part
- Or on the contrary more approach, recover a semblance of heat (proximity effect) and have as atrocious voice sibilance ...
I let you imagine to put a female voice quite low and very dug in a mix quite busy ...
All that to say that it becomes more difficult to place a microphone in taking this complicated mix.
In this case you have to spend a lot of time on the EQ to get what we really want, but also have a good amp behind him.

In the end it is superb mic for the price I paid, it does not bring me out of breath, told me to mix more but I can now limits.
A good choice for a beginner who wants to try to catch her.

To give you an idea of ​​my record here are the links

: - Http://
- Http://

Acarian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" humm"

Apex Electronics 435
See below ...


Little used and sold quickly, it is for micro I think, to RECORDINGS chicken stuck in a barrel, after the vocals, it sounds cold, aggressive and has nasal side of what is done in rodes for a fistful of rubles and more . My opinion concerns only the vocals because I have not tried anything else.
If it were to do again, I would buy chickens.

saturax08's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" All of a great microphone!"

Apex Electronics 435
Condenser microphone and suspension for singing and acoustic instruments in particular.
Manufacturing and flawless finish including the suspension comes with.


Micro really well designed to the level of the best for decision-acoustic instrument sounds. For the folk guitar it works wonders as it faithfully reproduces the sound of the guitar. For singing it is certainly not far from what is the best. A lot of heat, roundness and présicion in all cases. I return to the same. Needless to me to look elsewhere.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To consume without moderation"

Apex Electronics 435
Female voice singing soprano.
Cardioid static transistor, I will not repeat what has already been cited.
it is a box of chocolates ..


Past six months, it completes a full range of needs for good vocal microphone.
Yes, I tried the other condensers, Type B1 or MXL and AT2020.

Pros: good, good, good, good, came with its own suspension.

Little Less: the Pad or Switch attenuator (I do not use it, thankfully) on the inside.

A shame its price which suggests that this microphone is not high pitched!

To buy without moderation.

Definitely will repeat this choice..