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Lexicon MPX user reviews

  • Lexicon MPX-100

    Lexicon MPX-100 - "Small and easy reverb with the Lexicon sound"


    Small digital reverb in 1U rack format, very easy to use but enough for live gigs. 32 effects that can be chosen via a rotary knob: 16 single effects + 16 dual effects. 1 knob to adjust the intensity of the effect. 1 LED lights up when you switch …

  • Lexicon MPX-100

    Lexicon MPX-100 - moosers's review


    The Lexicon MPX-100 is a multi-effects processor in the form of a piece of rackable outboard gear. It is a digital unit and it has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. It has all types of effects, including delays, reverbs, flanger, pitch shift, tremolo, and…

  • Lexicon MPX-550

    Lexicon MPX-550 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Aurochs4/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Very comprehensive connections for everything you need. UTILIZATION The user's manual is miserable. It's printed on a postcard format so it's almost unreadable, however I di…

  • Lexicon MPX G2

    Lexicon MPX G2 - "Lexicon MPX G2"


    Paid $550. Got it off ebay in mint condition. The Construction of the unit is great, and comes with alot of useful options. The interface seems difficult at first, but once you skin through the important parts of the manual you get a hang of it. It …

  • Lexicon MPX-100

    Lexicon MPX-100 - iXtlan23's review


    24bit, 44.1Khz stereo multi-effects in 19" rack format. The MPX-100 is part of the famous MPX Lexicon series and, even if it's an entry level model (in relation to the MPX-5 or MPX-1), it nevertheless inherits the brand's sound and know-how. 1/4"…

  • Lexicon MPX G2

    Lexicon MPX G2 - "Lexicon MPX G2 guitar effects processor"


    I purchased my first MPX G2 from ZZounds for $999.95. The second one I purchased from Mars going outta business sale for $550.00. The first one was sent back. The main reason I purchased the second one is because I liked some of the effects the …

  • Lexicon MPX-100

    Lexicon MPX-100 - Robin_fr's review


    I use the MPX-100 for vocals. Reverb, echo, delay, hall chamber, possibility to couple certain effects, for example: chorus + delay, Connections: jack & midi, possibility to link to PC 19-inch rack-mountable, 1U high UTILIZATION It couldn't be e…

  • Lexicon MPX-1

    Lexicon MPX-1 - " Better than plugins"


    Reverb effect mainly digital machines, but the good of the era with a clean Lexicon algorithms. UTILIZATION This is the logic of the Lexicon, must be manual at first. SOUND QUALITY I found for myself that the effects are relatively well, the …

  • Lexicon MPX G2

    Lexicon MPX G2 - " So cool"


    Finally there is an editor for the MPX-G2: http://www.miprosoft.com/mpxg2 And it works on the shelves and smartphones dcents :-) UTILIZATION The sounds edition with the front panel is a free editor galre (over 2000 paramtres) SOUND QUALITY …

  • Lexicon MPX G2

    Lexicon MPX G2 - Hallyd's review


    See other users opinion not worth repeating each time the same dealer! UTILIZATION While there, also as already said, this is not the easiest you still have a lot of patience to be able to navigate as usual because you really understand their Lex…