Lexicon MPX-1
Lexicon MPX-1

MPX-1, Multi-Effects Processor from Lexicon in the MPX series.

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voicetrack 10/12/2004

Lexicon MPX-1 : voicetrack's user review


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Chain of six simultaneous effects that may have as we want to route, stereo, channel by channel, Stereo mix effect from the two inputs to mono for the use of two departures from auxiliary console for example, and a little extra that is the insertion of an effects (pitch, distortion, equa, tremolo, wah ... etc) in the feedback delay, dub, and vintage effect guaranteed!

the machine is very complete and goes far enough in certain settings to the choice of grain Vox or Crybaby Wah for her (you can assign the cut-off of the wah filter or resonant, the infield dal, envlop generator, an LFO, or MIDI controller with notes etc ... is unfortunately, a remainder of the emulation)

can control the settings via midi and there is even an arpeggiator (which can assign a sound generator and a distortion and resonant filter, for example, enough to make a synth solo tres original!)

The list of possibilities is too long ...


It has something for nothing and contrairemen TCelectronic machines, it is difficult to cope without the user manual but a faith we understand, it's not making too much a head twisted at times may . The tap tempo is set and can even take the average of blows taps.


The Lexicon reverbs sound good, more "demonstrative" but often heavier and less natural than a cel TCelectronic M-2000 for example, setting parameters are indeed quite different and the two complement each other really well nothing that at the level of reverb.

For other effects, the MPX-1 is rather forbids well especially at the possibilities of delay. The latance the Flanger difficilemen makes use of a fader to post that gives the impression of having a second flanger fix in addition to its flange.

The machine has a sound quite dynamic and well presented. This is a multi effect that alie character and quality which is remarkable for a camera in this class.


I lay for a week and I do not regret, I have already used on stage, and no bad surprises, everything went well. View the current rating, it's a great value for money.