Lexicon MPX-100
Lexicon MPX-100

MPX-100, Multi-Effects Processor from Lexicon in the MPX series.

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Robin_fr 12/13/2002

Lexicon MPX-100 : Robin_fr's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use the MPX-100 for vocals. Reverb, echo, delay, hall chamber, possibility to couple certain effects, for example: chorus + delay,
Connections: jack & midi, possibility to link to PC
19-inch rack-mountable, 1U high


It couldn't be easier to set.
With the pot on the right you choose the type of effect and with the one on the left the different presets available.


The sound quality is excellent, it's an amazing value for money.
I use the MPX-100 with a Soundcraft Folio 16 mixer and a Shure SM58 for vocals. The sound is clear and the effects precise.


It's been two years since I have it. I use it to one tenth of its capacities, it is very user-friendly and easy to use.
I don't regret having bought it. Excellent value for money.