Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

All user reviews of 4/5 for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 67 reviews )
 31 reviews46 %
 27 reviews40 %
 7 reviews10 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Beginners

barry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good instrument!"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
You can find information easily


The handle is pleasant, can be a bit difficult to LATEST frets but the sound always comes out well. I find if a little heavy but very little I played with electric guitars so I can hardly compare. Plus I use it only for the home studio, so sit.


At the sound, nothing. I use a Pod XT, I always get what I want. I once played on a marshall amp, and the result frankly silent nice.


2 years of use without a hitch, but I still played on it so I had the wrong look. I nevertheless have qualitprix report seems very good. Http://eric-b.musicblog.fr on my blog (see View Categories "pop rock"), all electric guitar parts have t do with the instrument, if a can give an id e.

guigui69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" s good value qualitprix"

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Made in Core
caractristique classic Les Paul Standard piphone


For my playing style (blues, rock, hard rock ,...) handle is perfectly suited!
very good balance, but not low = weight when we play up!
To be honest, if it's no use in conjunction problem: the excitation with quickly we forget the stress of weight ...
on the other hand of RPET in the weak beats are somewhat "seriously feel the weight of the guitar, but hey it's not very serious from the moment we are aware ...

Accs for acute classic for this type of guitar (you can not really make Satriani or Steve Vai but this is not a guitar for a! fate!)

Big sound easy enough

Warning lower volume knobs for styles less "hard" yes


It's a good guitar "fat", with humbuckers.
It is a sound fat enough for the neck pickup and Plutt catchy for the bridge.

I find the "switch" mlangeur (position of the switch in the middle = BLEND two microphones), very good for clean sounds.

I play with an amp simulator (V-AMP PRO) so the possibilities are obviously very tense!
I started with a Marshall 100 Watt Valvestate series and even if it is not their best series (by far ...), even when acmnage !


Since a few years already ...

yes a lot (strata, tl ibanez, kramer, jackson, etc ...)
I took the most suitable notice my style of play


Though obviously, this is the price a very very good report qualitprix.
But over the years we realize that we should not compare the incomparable!
It's still a guitar under 500. Do not make a comparison with a real Gibson or Fender A veritable.
It is a very good guitar to start with (see a bit more ...)
Above is a skyscraper to a style of music very specific on: do not expect to gypsy jazz with this Epiphone (quoique. .. tell me some) very very

phaser's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
2 humbuckers. 22 frets. 2 tones, 2 volumes. Handle D.


Guitar a little heavy but that's what gives it sustain.
Some find difficult access to treble with the training you get used to, obviously it will always remain less accessible than on a Start.


For rock and jazz. For other styles of music it depends largely on the amp.


It's a great guitar. At the time (in 1998) I paid for new 3000 francs. I always had no problem with. On a fender or marshall it sounds great. Its very clear and distortion Enwrapping sound with heavy sustain quite sick. I love this guitar ...
I also have an American Start for versatility but it is not the same price. the 2 guitars full well. I recommend this without hesitation Epiphone ...
Carlos Jon08/27/2007

Carlos Jon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
See below (config 'original)


The neck is super enjoyable. It is a Les Paul, but yet very easy to j'accde acute ... No problem of this cot l. Form adorable, beautiful and simply legendary.
Heavy? Bof ... I can play for hours without suffering too much ... Sound is magical. The grave is a beautiful round, the treble is not too garish.


This guitar is quite happening everywhere. I play a little bit of everything, and even in mtal it provides. I play "Like Slash" is to say a Marshall amp. Magnificent. Crunch? No problem. Clean? More than drinking. The ring bends beautifully ...


APRS two months of use, I can only say ... NO PROBLEM. I love it. Simply. Obviously, I rve a Gibson Signature Slash, but need a budget of madness. This one, to assure its price ...
pedro les doigts de fee07/30/2007

pedro les doigts de fee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
See more advice ... Except that I changed the original pickups (more than average ...) with a kit purchased new EMG Zakk Wylde e 150 on Ebay! I also put straplocks Schaller (like a guitar, it does not fall!) And redo the internal electronic (I added the circuit of a MXR phase 90 in the body of the guitar, d clancheable by pulling one of the knobs)


Channel enjoyable as long as we are to take care in time (lemon oil, cleaning from time to time ...)

Access in acute is average, like all forms of LP guitars.

Ergonomics are average, I reminds that it is the body of a Gibon ... we can not have the spirit of a LP so it's easy to play, you have to suffer a bit!


I play a lot of rock but I have a versatile guitar is to do a bit of blues, jazz and bossa! With the new pickups, Miss satisfy me completely ... she can spit fire as she can be calm and sensual. The clean sounds are warm and round particulirement. In distortion, sounds are audible, though both balanced and violent if you push it with an amp adquate!


I use it for 7 or 8 years (ahhhh the memories .... sniff!)

I can not criticize this guitar, it has found it!

I tried to plthore MODELS mid-range strat Mexico (none of me), Lag Roxane (trs trs cool!) BC Rich (pffff!! Look funny, but not trs go anywhere, as the pan!), Yam '(Versatile cold but ...), ...

Quality-price ratio honnte taking into account the change in microphones, mcaniques, the nut and the electronic (200 count minimum for the quality of stuff more than correct)

I would do this choice, I love the quitar!

zuker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
- Les paul shape guitar (epiphone as the odds are the same as for gibson)
- 2 humbucker then 2 volumes and 2 tone pots
- A selector 3-position toggle
- 22 cargo, the handle is flat


The neck is not easy to play when you're not used to this kind of innings, or when you are beginner. Access to acute is not at all easy (bah what is a normal les paul). Rather heavy, it's a good guitar for beginners fan of Jimmy Page and others deemed to paul ...


I bought it being still in my infancy. This is my second guitar after a Squier Start, so inevitably, I found it sounded much better, being at that time a huge fan of Led Zep. The pickups have some fishing, but all the same sound fat. I have since changed for PRS McCarthy that sound much better, great fishing, vintage and hot, their output level is so high that they arrive at a clear set cruncher at high volume. Otherwise, to play Led Zep, the foot (McCarthy is the engineers at gisbon that developed in the les paul ...)


I still use it, but I plan to buy a Start able to change style of play and register because it's not really the strong point of this guitar. To begin, it is a good investment because of its proper violin that allows it to evolve.
sorgen  :shoot:05/26/2006

sorgen :shoot:'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
It is a Les Paul Standard Epiphone factory in Korea in April 96, in the Samick factory prcisement.
For rglages is the classic in classic LP What a ...
Level violin, it has nothing to do with the new MODELS, is the solid wood, not the PC ...
Other features, it is a MODEL with a handle screwed! This is the deuxime I see as ... (The other drive G.com silent and out of the factory also Samick in 96 ...)


The handle is nice, but you have to like tuning forks 24'75 sleeves and big enough ...
It has 22 frets and usability of an LP ...
CHAC is quite acute in nazes, like a real LP ...


I bought this to replace my Ibanez scratches which had had its day ...
Good as it's totally DIFFERENT guitar, but my LP is IDAL, I love their weight (a heavy guitar !!!), enjoyable their sleeve ...
I play on a Marshall DSL100 or a Marshall8008/Vamp PRO Rack and effects, I use a TC M300 for rverbes, delays, chorus, and compressor and a CryBaby.
Overall, the sound is rock ... Crunches are nice, the cleans are more friendly than those of the EMG of my EC-1000.
But hey, these microphones do not suit me too: Much too fat, low dgueulent everywhere, the treble do not show ... Impossible to have large distos!
And in addition, ca larsen block!
In short, if you do rock, do oeut ca ...

I asked him a Gibson 500T DiMarzio PAF PRO and this t. .. his violin on MRIT ...


I've had just a month ...
I really like the scratches, I find this really beautiful and mythical form suits me perfectly!
Having tried many guitars in recent times ... I really wanted to find an LP as a secondary scratch (I have a EC-1000 is truly a beautiful guitar ...)
Having bought 275 of occas', I think it's a good price given as the violin (the guitar was unchanged in 10 years), more fittings is new! !
I would do this choice, an Epi is not so bad in complment ... especially the old ...
With good microphones, it will be really good potential this guitar ...

on the other hand, Straplock requires ... because if you qye falls on the foot, it can hurt! (Almost 5 kg)

M.o.n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Does it manufactured in the country have said that others in celebrating this party does well though described by some Peronist Paravant.
so it's not a gibson so the characteristics of a guitar, it s just not care all that it sounds no! but hey since it must be bofo compartment I put another ad 7


The handle is great but it's not a birch or a tite board must still not have the hands of 2.5cm.

Access in the acute bah ... In other words, the last fret is anecdotal in a game but hey .. The Paulien Finally we descend too far if it's a tit dog chouilla

the ergonomics bah it's heavy (it is a les paul) but after that bah I sy cheeks standing with the guitar at the knees so it can go. Personal likes j

me after I describe her bah


I am playing punk, rock, hard, metal, finally all that is distorted!

I play with a marshall mg100dfx and it sounds better that my expectations, I have a Zakk Wylde wah wah and a tube factor.

the sound is big fat even if they say that the microphones are epi pouraves I find them quite apart that it lacks body and medium. but they would not put emg active at this price. Finally must love the sound, so must try several epiphone for I have tried in mag was crap and they wish taient then one day I tried one day to another to see it and it sounded VLAM 10x better than others. of the sudden I bought (cheap because it had a pete has a sudden descent of truck, the paint has a place no longer exists)

Added: done with in a few months I notice a complete change of the sound becomes a force that is rotten sy no personality used to it and it has more of a problem bound to agree


I've had the August and frankly it is terrible for the price, finally my price lol (300 euros ...) other models of taient esp that a cot sdonn tro weird for me to love the sound finally c That is all.
The value for money I would say that if you pay the scraper 450 is average, below it is good.
I do not know if I would do this choice, I think that I wait to pay me a Zakk Wylde but hey it's not the same price

Added: francehment wait and pay you a lag roxane is 100x better now, because it sounds, is comfortable and there are not many people who!

Feyden's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
22 frets, 2 humbucker, 2 knobs to adjust the volume and 2 tone (one for mic).
Mine has a superb finish Cherry Sunburst, but the color is more accurate because it is an opportunity that should approximate the decade.
The mechanical oil bath are well enough tuning.


I love this race, I find it quite late (it must be said that I went directly from a classical guitar with it), and convenient for the bars. Access to acute is relatively easy, but we're a little embarrassed by the shape of the guitar.

Good ergonomics, the only thing we could blame it on weight.
The guitar is quite heavy, so I advise to put the price in a good strap (not nylon webbing € 8). I myself a leather strap that I paid more than € 40, even after several hours of rehearsal, I feel nothing.
The purchase of Straplok (= system of fixing the strap on the guitar pretty convenient to use and very fast, resistant to 500 kg) shortly be wise to avoid any setback. The system is quite expensive (22 €) but relativemnt discreet.


I am very happy with the sound.
I play myself mostly rock / grunge / hard rock, and the sound is perfect. This course can be adapted to any type of music or so.
On the micro j'obtient acute enough grunge sound, terrible distortion for solos with the use of a good old Boss DS1 home. How big sound!
The micro grave gives me the perfect sound for a clean as in the album "Unplugged" by Nirvana.

I use it on an old Trace Elliot amp TVT9 (80W lamp with preamp).

This guitar gives a fairly serious-based, unlike the Fender Stratocaster that sound more metallic.


I bought this guitar 4 years ago and since I do not spend more.
I paid only € 300, used nikel super, no complaints.
I tried the guitar for more than two weeks, but for that price, it was really the best.
I advise guitarists who want a guitar to progress.

GbrlVjnr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Hop! A tour on the site of one or more Epiphone prcis ....( too lazy) If not, it's made in China I think. Mcaniques good, the agreement is good, well finished (I have in black and she is superb), the buttons do not crachotent after a year of intensive use (home + RPTES) I am satisfied.


Unlike what I had read before buying it, I had no trouble to adapt to the handle off. On the contrary, I have trouble now plutt play when the strings are closer. CHAC is particularly acute for is to find the right position, but you get there (the more I got used to ...)
Gripe without really be a: it is super heavy. After three hours of RPET I have no shoulder! But hey, if you want the sound ...
To search for your sound, three possible position: neck pickup / bridge or two (you can make rpartition with buttons)


I play in a group of post-hardcore (c a koi??) But I also play blues, blues / rock the house and is Submitted in these records. I mean it supports large distos trs well (even with the original pickups) and a lead position in a clear round in the trs on the two positions. Besides with a lightweight crunch position and rhythm, it sounds and is vintage trs mconnaissable! (As Jimi was going to say on some but I would be slapped on it ...) J'apprcie prcis much sound in the bass (with a fairly lev pulling all of the same), but ad depends also on the amp. It's the only guitar that I played (I have no jou a lot) that has held much of note (and not sustain, it is in France, shit!)


I use it for a year and I am always satisfied even if I want to try other guitars Obviously. For the price (about 450 fdp COMRA) Thomann, I had the sound I wanted. If I were the flying, I think the other thing I would try IMMEDIATE but I Rasht an APRS is a standard (nan srieux?).