Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw

Melody Maker Les Paul Raw, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
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mooseherman's review"Great Les Paul for beginners!"

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
This is an American Made Gibson Les Paul. The guitar has a mahagony body, a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. There are two knobs (one for volume, one for tone). The input jack is on the top of the guitar, which looks ugly to me. There is one single coil pickup in the bridge position, which is uncharacteristic of Les Pauls. There is a wraparound tailpiece.


There is access to almost all of the frets (the very last one is a little hard to reach). The sound that comes out of this guitar isn't that bad. The guitar is lighter than most guitars, mostly because of lighter wood and electronics. The guitar stays in good shape for a beginner guitar, it's mostly pretty stable.


This is a beginner guitar, which is obvious by the retail price. So it doesn't sound incredible. I wouldn't expect the classic Les Paul sound if I were you, it's not here. The single-coil pickup isn't necessarily the best match for this body, in fact the body is the only way this guitar even remotely resembles a Les Paul. However, for a beginner guitar, it's ok, in fact better than most. It does get pretty bright, and makes a pretty bad player sound not half bad, which is kind of the point of beginner guitars. They sound ok, if not better, with a good distortion. I'd recommend a beginner Marshall amp to go with this, I think that combo is the best you can hope for. A better amp isn't going to make you sound that much better.


I think that people going for a beginner guitar will be better off getting one worth $500 dollars than one worth less. Mainly because this one is better than most of those by a long shot. You'll be more likely to stick with guitar if you have a decent one. Even if you don't stick with it, you can sell it back for more money, whereas a beginner guitar will get you next to nothing. I'd have to ultimately recommend this guitar to beginners, but don't expect anything special just because of the Les Paul name.
Audiofanzine FR12/02/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
(Originally written by melody_maker/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Made in the USA

- 22 frets, Gibson P90 pickup in bridge position

- Tune-o-matic bridge

- Volume and tone controls (it's more than enough ^^)

- Comfortable neck (quite round but not too much)

10 / 10, it provides everything I need!


- Comfortable and easy-to-play neck (more than a Gibson Les Paul Studio)

- Access to the upper frets is better than on a classic Les Paul but not so good as on an SG or an Ibanez (a Satriani model for example)

- Les Paul shape but with a slimmer body. The guitar is lighter than a Les Paul and you can easily play two or three hours standing without problems ^^)

- Great rock sound with both volume and tone controls turned all the way

10/10 because it's light and very easy to use


- I play punk, hard rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc.), heavy metal, etc.

Very good for punk and hard rock, and good for heavy metal. The P90 provides a good sound in every music style, especially for fat rock'n'roll (although Stairway To Heaven sounds also very good ^^)

- I play with a Roland Cube 60 (very good solid-state amp) and I get very good results! I've never played with a tube amp (but my guitar teacher who owned the same guitar told me it sounds amazing)

- Fat sound perfect for rock. There are better guitars for heavy metal (Ibanez, ESP/LTD, etc.). Very good clean sound.


- I've been using it for about one year.



Easy to get a good sound

Perfect sound for hard rock and punk



- Someone recommended me this guitar so I went to the shop, I tested it (two minutes were more than enough for the distortion sound to blow me away) and I took the guitar home ^^

I previously tested six guitars (two Squier models, Washburn, Lâg, Yamaha and Epiphone). This one was the best.

- Exceptional value for money!!! Even if it were more expensive!

- Based on my experience I would definitely buy it again because it's a wonderful guitar.

This review is subjective so go try it by yourself (it's worth it ^^)!!

Flyertwin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
Good evening,

Tlcaster accustomed to, I wanted to change the color of his (but hey, the pure LP, I hang it)
This guitar, given its relative quality price, I packed.
I test (and buy)
For mine, just a microphone (but who does his job), satin (Ebony), the handle: a rgal, the sound I found my Tlcaster, and when to the sound Gibson is l. The mcaniques: the Gibson Deluxe (ca not seem to move much).
Fluke, the guitar came out of rglages. I tried a lot of guitars (Fender, grestch, Danelectro), the ratio is unbeatable qualitprix (of course, we pourrat change it, add a P90, but even as is, it sounds, quality Gibson United States). In short, I tirelerire the pt, but I really regret it.

melody_maker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
- Made in United States
- 22 frets, a home gibson P90 in the bridge position
- Tune-o-matic
- 1 volume 1 tone (more than enough ca ^ ^)
- Channel comfortable, enough but not too round

10 / 10 There's everything you need!


- Channel comfortable (more than a Gibson Les Paul Studio) easy to play even for a long time (4 / 5 hours with no problems)
- CCAA acute: Best Les Paul as the "classic" (studio & others ...) but worse than a SG or Ibanez (Satriani model, for example)
- Les Paul shape but thinner and therefore lighter (that is happiness 2 / 3 hours standing without problems ^ ^)
- Volume knob and tone almost fully back (about 8 / 10) and LET'S ROCK

10/10 parcequ'elle is light and super easy to use


- I play punk, hard (AC / DC, Led Zep ', ...) of the metal, ... What a bit of everything
The punk is all good, it's hard to top, metal ca denies. The P90 is doing in all styles even if it is built for rock greasy (although Stairway To Heaven goes over really well ^ ^ [ca is not the sound obtained with fender custom shop, but my teacher good is not the same price])
- I play a Roland Cube 60 (great amp transistor) and it's all good! Never tried it on a tube amp (but my teacher who has owned a said it was fabulous)
- The sound is bold but perfect for the rock for metalheads are better (Ibanez, ESP / LTD, ...) the clean sound is very good


- Used for a year, maybe more

- And +:
simplicity for the audio
the perfect sound for the hardcore punk (& stairway to heaven ^ ^)
the -:
... I have not yet found ...

- I had been advised I went to the store I tried was (2 minutes just me: fell in love with the sound saturated) and I'm left with ^ ^
I had tried before six guitars (2 Squier, a Washburn, a lag, 1 & 1 Epiphone Yamaha) was the best

- Exceptional Value! even a € 1000 would be worth it!

- With the experience so I do it again the same choice as this is great skyscraper

+ This notice Personal (ie subjective) and therefore you must create an accurate view of this guitar tried (it's worth it ^ ^)!

Brrr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
Everything has been said below. Minimalist guitar, but that's we love her ... ;)

-1 For the bridge anyway, I prefer a wraparound as the first ringtone maker.


The handle is terrible compared to my Gibson SG faded. Same lack of polish and even sensations: sliding is very pleasant to the touch and it was nice sweat it slip again and again.

The access to acute easier than on a Les Paul but less than a SG, it's okay no more.

The ergonomics are very nice except for the access to acute, it is lightweight and stable.


EXCLUSIVELY I play rock and blues on it and say ...? It's great. At first I was afraid to miss a neck pickup, but in fact not at all. The P90 is great. Very bitter, and hot set. I love it!

But as you can imagine the versatility is not the strong point of this guitar. If you intend to play full of different style that is not worth taking the guitar as a single scratch. As against the blues / rock / hard rock go for it!

I play on a ToneLab SE amplified by a Power Engine 60 and it is the foot. But on my AC15 CC1X my fender blues deluxe or my epi valve junior is completely huge! a good overdrive pedal marshall typed in my blues deluxe I am completely in the sound of Led Zep / ACDC. I thought that p90 could not be as Péchu.

I love this guitar in the registry rock / hard rock like ACDC. It easily rivals my SG in this area, see surpassed. It's amazing the sound of the P90.

Of course it is not the greatest versatility, the sounds are clear with very well but sounds clear in general I prefer to use the neck pickup and bridge at the same time, here it may be difficult ^ ^


I for a month.
It's a killer for rock and hard, my three guitars is the one I prefer to play both styles.

The value for money is very good if you do not realize that maintenance of the chosen field of this guitar. It is clear that the price / quality ratio is shit for playing black metal ^ ^

Plus she really has a face! Just the look is very rock 'n roll. Mine at home made a pickguard that makes her look like a Les paul junior, and is even more beautiful like that!

It is clear that the choice I would do!

lolomicro42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
Manufacturing made in United States
There are 22 boxes in a good P90 micro easel for easy
volume and tone just the basics!
a great round to round Gibson is easy to play


The handle is a feast for me
access to acute I find it very good
slight nothing to do with my SG!
I got a sound at once


I play the blues is there is the instrument that I had
I play on Marshall jtm with a multi-purpose korg a5
it has a versatility in all styles of music that I play hard to get the blues sounds super clear, well round the P90 is a marvel


I have a week ago, I fell in love with this guitar, I like her a fabulous round
defects: ben non! I know I did not look very objective because I fell in love!, though I play a Gibson SG Special is on a Godin st2
I stumbled upon it in a storage facility for sale at a price of 300 euros
yes I do it again without hesitation that choice

tuture's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
This is a guitar made in United States.
-There are 22 boxes, there is a microphone that P90 is a home that has a gibson its "warm" and is very "round".
The bridge is simple, but at least the one he will not "move" or "Disagree" guitar (lol) but you can do as I say it has to install a Bigsby vibrato type. (For example me I have fitted a Bigsby B-50 which is very efficient and beautiful style =====> year 60-70)
It is a volume and tone, a guitar is simple but very effective
It is round like gibson is a good round to say that you "fill" the hand
-What I like about this guitar is that it is simple and it is through this that we can customize it (adding neck pickup and maybe a few gadgets like the Bigsby lol) customize his guitar proves to be very exciting, and at least as his personal was his guitar, finally customization is not required but it is still cool, right?


The handle is very pleasant it is a normal acute gibson.Les are not so easy to "chop" but not so for the purpose of this guitar is rather oriented rythmique.Le weight surprised me by well that is to say that it is light enough and is well but yours fait.Avec this kind of guitar you get good sound with all the settings (ca r fortunately there are not 36000 lol )
The only problem is the access to acute (but if you want to solo you need another guitar like the Gibson SG or Epiphone)


This guitar is perfect for my style of rock music that is to say "British" to "American" punk has pop.Avec I play the Libertines (the guitar used by guitarist Carl Barat tan to time) of the Led Zep-M-, and the clash ... Finally, any good what! But this guitar is mainly oriented rock / blues / pop and a little jazz but it is not at all his specialty.
sounds obtained are very good they are "hot", "round" short but good whatsoever in the clear (beautiful) or saturated (qrandiose with a tube amp)
I love all the sounds of this guitar.


I use it for a year pui
the +
-Light weight and playability
the -
-Access to acute which is not impossible but not easy
It is a very good guitar that does not cost that much for a Gibson (about € 650 on thomann nine) but look on Ebay to states it costs nothing.
ho yes I refer this choice ...

bonride's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
What type of microphones? the first is original is the one I use all the time, one has t deuxime added by the former Owner ', I do not know what kind of mic it is but it seems to be quite old.

What type of bridge? Bigsby an addition by the former Owner ', which gives it a big guitar rock and roll look of the 60 (normal is its origin).

What rglages? I Sets the Tone of 7 with the original microphone was otherwise sounds a bit too sharp with my rglages of ampicillin (JCM 900): middle = 3 / 10, trebble = 6 / 10, bass = 8 / 10, gain = 8 to 10.


Trs-The handle is enjoyable because it is thin enough so taking "race" is excellent.
-The Access in treble is good but not great, I must find a balance in the handling of the guitar to pick up the treble. cell but can also come from the low position of my guitar and hang point forward of the strap (not original, it is located derrire the handle).
-The interface is excellent: the guitar is so thin on the trs careful prs body. it is also trslgre is really one with the guitar! Trs enjoyable play.
-Easily obtained a good sound because rglages are sipmples and this guitar has a good offense trs. With its diffrent other Les Paul.


-She should have done my whole style of music, I play punk rock and I like tapper rock'n'roll riffs as well. For Młoda no problem, the sound is clear enough and the big sound, a will, what is missing is a boost especially on my JCM 900 4100 model.


- I bought a year ago by chance, it dates from about 1990.
- What I like most is its excellent jouabilit.
- What I like least is the clearcoat paint that goes round the derrire due to friction with the thumb.
"I had tried a les paul or in the store I bought it (I know more if it were a studio standard) and I found the sound" Ptot ", the grip the ringtone maker ct me much more attractive. I also tried the new style guitars Ibanez, Jackson in the mid / high end and I could not find the sound quality as good.
- The report qualitprix is ​​simply excellent, a good job for a gibson!
- If I had to redo this choice? assurmment yes, I jou in concert with the Groovie Ghoulies and guitarist who also silent possde two trs ATACHE this guitar. When I saw that one also possdait, she exclaimed: "Oh, You Have a Melody Maker"! (With emphasis Rican of course) ... expression rsons still in my head! (Lol).

philippedeluxe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Raw
MODEL 2004 - made in United States
1 soapbar P 90
A Tune O Matic
1 volume + 1 tonalitbr /> 22 fret neck al


Channel 60's slim tapper trs enjoyable if somewhat done with the feet ...
ACCS Acute way (but is ncessaire with this kind of guitar?)
lgre trslgre (for a thundering gibson), it must be said that there are not much wood ...
the sound is easily obtained (not too much rglages possible with 1 vol. a tone. and a single microphone). It's a "roots" but rac


This is a guitar rock (keupon, garage, pub rock etc ...) rather enjoyable because of its simplicity. has played with distortion and ringing without fuss: it plutt a sound man. rglage IDAL: Volume + Tone bottom 7 / 10 to 5 with the gain marshall. It sounds a hell bottle neck ("roots" the yet), but it is a bit noisy when the treble bottom.


I came across the states in the Sam Ash store anne dernire. A model of C'tait expo (= 1 pet derrire the head). I got it for $ 199 + 7% tax, or $ 214 = (just under $ 200) For the price it really has nothing in France. She sduit because of his P90 and its simplicity. However, I do not like finishing type "satin" which in addition has a very strong smell of paint. I also dplore without depriving pickguard this guitar a certain vintage lgance. I'm looking for one (type pearloid, quail or leopard ... well something a little dlicat refined ...), and there are drawings on ebay specially by people who think like me ...
The report quality price seems unassailable, and I like this guitar which is a lot of evil everywhere by aficionados of the LP standard (with flame table + dor acccastillage finally the kind of thing that makes a guitar like a buffet Louis XV). In Ralite indniablement is cheap, but super type. It has the characters and the dog. It became my slide guitar, and .. no ... nothing at all ... Non je ne regrette rien ...