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Mandolins user reviews

  • Epiphone MM-50E Professional

    Epiphone MM-50E Professional - "Great instrument, somewhat troublesome electronics."


    When my boss's old epiphone mandolin finally became so fragile that it could no longer be used on tour, we acquired a new Epiphone MM-50E to fill the void left by an instrument that had served him well for many years. The MM-50E is naturally finis…

  • Gold Tone GME-6

    Gold Tone GME-6 - moosers's review


    The Gold Tone GME-6 is a very unique instrument - it's a mini six string electric guitar that is very reminiscent of a mandolin. I don't own this instrument, but I'd like to in the very near future! I played it at a local guitar shop and was very i…

  • Washburn M6SW

    Washburn M6SW - moosers's review


    The Washburn M 6SW is a mandolin with a Florentine cutaway design. It's made out of a few different woods, with the top being solid spruce, a maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. It's got no electronics in it as it's strictly an acoustic, but this…

  • Epiphone MM-50

    Epiphone MM-50 - moosers's review


    The Epiphone MM-50 is a mandolin based on an early 1920's Gibson model. This isn't an acoustic/electric, so it doesn't have any pick ups of setting controls. The mandolin has two 'F' holes and is made up of a rosewood fingerboard and a maple body. …

  • Hondo HM6N Mandolin

    Hondo HM6N Mandolin - moosers's review


    The Hondo HM6N Mandolin is an inexpensive mandolin and is one that is pretty hard to track down.  I'm not sure where exactly the instrument was made, but I know it is either from Korea or China.  The mandolin isn't acoustic/electric, so it doesn't ha…

  • Gibson A-3

    Gibson A-3 - moosers's review


    The Gibson A3 mandolin was made in the USA and is a pretty standard mandolin in terms of the number of frets. It isn't an acoustic/electric, so it has no pick ups or setting controls. It has a pretty unique body for the mandolin, which is part of wha…

  • Fender FM-53S Mandolin

    Fender FM-53S Mandolin - moosers's review


    The Fender FM-53S sunburst mandolin is a nice little beginner's mandolin. I'm not sure where it was made, but I don't think it was made in the USA. It is a regular mandolin with the normal body and amount of frets. It is not an electric mandolin, so …

Translated user reviews
  • Fender FM-52E Mandolin

    Fender FM-52E Mandolin - " a good start for mandolin and more!"


    it is a mandolin made in China or Korea (mine is Korean it is kind of bluegrass but I play mainly music Corsica above, it has a microphone (poor quality but enough to be transplanted without emm ..... UTILIZATION The handle is nice, it's just a…

  • Stagg M40 S

    Stagg M40 S - " Good for the price!"


    Made in China, the quality is good, nothing fancy but it does the trick! The lifts are not extraordinarily accurate but they keep tuning without worries. UTILIZATION This is my first mandolin so I do not have a notice used to, but after dropping …

  • Ozark 2252

    Ozark 2252 - " A case for DIY only"


    Electro-acoustic mandolin made in Korea, 24 frets, piezo pickup in the bridge (bridge bonded as on guitars), preamp with 3-band EQ and volume, walking with a 9v battery easy to remove. The table is made of wood (I do not venture to assume if it is …