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Marshall 50th Anniversary user reviews

  • Marshall 1960s JTM1C

    Marshall 1960s JTM1C - "Tribute to the old gods"


    Marshall has recently released a series of 1 watt amplifiers that correspond to each each of their flagship amps from each era. The JTM 1C is thus the first of the series, modeled after the 60's era JTM amplifiers. The JTM1C is a low wattage combo th…

  • Marshall 1980s JCM1C

    Marshall 1980s JCM1C - " 15 years of learning, and finally the holy grail!"


    1 watt amp, swith0,1watt Name: Marshall JCM 1980s-1C all-tube, details below: Series: 50th Anniversary 1 Watt Type: Electric Guitar Amp Fomat Combo Technology: all lamps (2 x + 2 x ECC83 ECC82) Output Power: 1 Watt Loudspeaker: 1x10 "C…

  • Marshall 1970s JMP1C

    Marshall 1970s JMP1C - " not as good as I thought"


    I tested this amp in the store with a les paul traditional 2014 with custom pickups 59 100% lamps this is an amp with a boost and amp 1w but can pass 0.1 w bass treble and volume! no gain! and it's a shame this is old but if you have no n…

  • Marshall 1980s JCM1H

    Marshall 1980s JCM1H - " The sound of the 800 home!"


    Single channel 1 watt lamps a 3 band eq gain a volume boost button. A button on the back to reduce power outputs 2 8 and 16 ohms. An effects loop were not bad but good. The low output is not present and the presence button. UTILIZATION A singl…

  • Marshall 2000 JVM1H

    Marshall 2000 JVM1H - " Marshall!"


    Head tube amp: 2ECC82 and 3ECC83 Power 1 watt to 0.1 watt reducible Effects loop 8 min 16 ohms output 2ch clean and OD Bass treble medium common presence in 2 channels Gain and volume for OD Volume for the clean Resonance button Not…

  • Marshall 1960s JTM1H

    Marshall 1960s JTM1H - "The triple drunk (I) is"


    I had read all the colors on this series Anniversary of Marshall and I confess myself reveled verbal jousting on the forums about their quality / price supposedly despicable. It made me curious. As a result, here is a small test JTM1 Marshall, a cab …

  • Marshall Hanwell

    Marshall Hanwell - " Accoutisquement your ..."


    How long have you use it? 1 month Have you tried many other models before buying it? so, the BOSE brand and other models of in-store demonstration. What is the particular feature you like best and least? The sound! whatever the listening (Ipod - …

  • Marshall 1990s DSL1H

    Marshall 1990s DSL1H - " 1 watt?"


    All tube amp Refer to manufacturer's specifications. Points: no reverb, presence of a switch for switching a power of 0.1 watt (!) UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple, it's basic Marshall. The manual is very clear and short: there i…

  • Marshall 1990s DSL1H

    Marshall 1990s DSL1H - " The ultimate home amp"


    3 in ECC83 ECC82 preamp and power 2 1w issuing the cleat, tamable (1w home that tape) through a switch at the rear 0.1W 2 channels with footswicht, gain for each MV +, Eq TMB common, deep switch (adds body at low frequencies, perfect for a strat or…

  • Marshall 1960s JTM1C

    Marshall 1960s JTM1C - "50 Years of legend in ... 1watt!"


    Marshall gives us a beautiful gift in republishing her greatest hits in paperback ... Neighbors will be happy ... But not as much as we do! This is a combo "everything" lamp with two ECC83 pre-amp and one ECC82 power. It is supposed to emulate th…