Marshall DSL 2012
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Marshall DSL 2012 user reviews

  • Marshall DSL40C

    Marshall DSL40C - "The best Marshall in a long time, a very versatile tone monster and a future classic"


    I play mainly progressive rock and fusion however I also amuse myself with classic rock, blues and metal. This DSL40c came after a long string of amps, most of them good in their own right, that for one reason or another did not meet my requirements.…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "Very good Marshall amp for home use, even it if has a couple of weaknesses"


    This amp produces some splendid clean sounds. Channel 1: It has a very good clean sound, not thick, not hyper-warm but, it's very clean and very nice. Plus, you can have a very good and powerful crunch if you push it. You could say it's for blue…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "A small bombshell"


    All-tube amp Very good sound in 1w mode, not to mention the 5w mode. Very easy to dial in. USE It's very easy to find a good sound and, coupled with an effects pedal, it's magical. SOUND I have a lespaul custom 77 CS3 london's burning…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "Good amp"


    All-tube amp with switchable output power (5 Watts or 0.5 Watts) and 2 channels. 1 headphone jack, 1 mp3 player jack, 1 footswitch. 3-band equalizer. 1 effects loop. 1 speaker output The mp3 input doesn't work unless you connect your headphones. V…

  • Marshall DSL40C

    Marshall DSL40C - " The Marshall sound I was looking"


    It is an all-tube amp 40W, 20W splittable in An integrated reverb UTILIZATION It is easy to get a sound okay but not great. We are pleased with his purchase, but we say that € 715 was not the deal of the century. That's when I tried to dig …

  • Marshall DSL15C

    Marshall DSL15C - " opinion very reserved about buying"


    SEE DATASHEET Chinese sturdy construction but fragile knobs like all marshalls 540 euros UTILIZATION Very easy to use, powerful enough by repeating and not very heavy, that's why I bought it and especially to avoid wearing my mesa 30kg by rep…

  • Marshall DSL15C

    Marshall DSL15C - " not bad"


    Lamps 15 watts UTILIZATION Very easy to use SOUNDS For sound, the sound is clear, saturated sound but also ultra modern. I opted for option BB preamp on the clean channel that allows a less saturated sound. For gain, we put two and can do …

  • Marshall DSL15H

    Marshall DSL15H - " 15 watts pushing seriously."


    Small all-tube two channels, 15 watts 6V6 (but looks good 10 more, besides the amps in other brand rather 2X6V6 display 25 watts). Classic tone stack in Marshall: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, shared between the two channels Clean and Vivid, "deep"…

  • Marshall DSL15H

    Marshall DSL15H - " Very good amp"


    All 15w lamps with a triode pentode switche to switch to 7.5 w Super simple adjustment equalize a 3-band presence switche a boost bass and another hollow midrange no reverb UTILIZATION Plugged into a 1X12 ENGL is the sound marshall straightforw…

  • Marshall DSL40C

    Marshall DSL40C - "A rough diamond"


    All lamp Power: 20/40 Watts 1 speaker 12 "Celestion 70/80 Custom Lamps: 4 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 2 channels: Classic Gain and Ultra Gain Volume and Gain controls for the two channels Clean and Crunch modes of Classic Gain channel Lead mod…