Marshall DSL40C
Marshall DSL40C

DSL40C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the DSL 2012 series.

public price: $970 VAT
-KNF- 11/24/2014

Marshall DSL40C : -KNF-'s user review

«  The Marshall sound I was looking »

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It is an all-tube amp
40W, 20W splittable in
An integrated reverb


It is easy to get a sound okay but not great. We are pleased with his purchase, but we say that € 715 was not the deal of the century.
That's when I tried to dig all the possibilities of this amp. And I found my happiness.
You have to be a little resourceful!


This amp is PERFECTLY my style of music!
I play it with a Gibson 70's Tribute GT and a 1956 Epiphone GoldTop.

Clear sound:
It's really good. Not as good a Fender, but for a Marshall he is doing very well. It is perfectible, but really enough! It's not like this is crunch quickly criticized on many Marshalls.

The sound OD1:
This is where I find my account. I play a register Hard Rock Old School (GN'R, Slash, etc.)
So I do not have a very powerful distortion but a crunch on vitamin. Say good good punchy overdrive. I really have a proper definition. But notes cling bind perfectly. It is readable and absolutely no draft. Acute (contrary to what I've read) does not shatter ears. I use a Boss GE-7 Equalizer to refine all that, and I am very satisfied.

The sound OD2:
Here ca pulls the distortion, it's messy. I did not find my account on this channel, it does not convince me. I am descended from one floor and returned to the OD1 channel.

PS: The reverb in clean is good, but a little small. As against the OD channels, it is non-existent.


I use it for 5 months now. What I like the most, the OD1 channel, of Old School and many péchus. What I like least, non-existent reverb DO and OD2 channel too rough.
I tried a few models. At the lamps I tested the Fender, the EVH, the Egnacter. This is my first tube Marshall (I had a MG100DFX, who was sick. And Valvestate VS265R, which was good, very good, but below the DSL40C)
I also had a Peavey VYPYR30 before that, I did see the difference! DSL is much better.

Not easy to find a good all-tube amp worthy of the name. I like the Marshall grain but I was not attached to that mark. I found my happiness.

If it again, I will try rather the DSL15C, Because 40W, 20W in even split, that's a lot to my apartment. I do not do more scene.

But anyway I'm not disappointed with the DSL line. At which point I plan to do more than change the amp.