Marshall DSL15C
Marshall DSL15C

DSL15C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the DSL 2012 series.

public price: $840 VAT
pierrot36 10/01/2014

Marshall DSL15C : pierrot36's user review

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Chinese sturdy construction but fragile knobs like all marshalls
540 euros


Very easy to use, powerful enough by repeating and not very heavy, that's why I bought it and especially to avoid wearing my mesa 30kg by repeating!
as a back can not be repaired lol idiot, trairement to an amp
amp drive of about 15kg


correct sounds without value but nothing special!
I find very clear any channel!
we arrive at slightly cruncher build on the clean channel but with a humbucker guitar or type SG
So for sound acdc on clean channel, as shown in marshall, I doubt it! anyway!
channel gain largemetn with enough gain!
I play mainly slight crunch or supported


amp daily work alone, automatic standby !! at the beginning, I was scared!
Use low volume at home
I just bring mine from my dealer after two months of low usage
cuts his untimely after 1 hour of play !! is a once hot amp (phenomenon observed over 1 week) as if you went into standby automatically !!
problem I do not know, especially !! defective lamps or components
may be I found defective amp, I do not know, I expect that will tell me MARSHALL
heureuesement it's not in group and concert !!
So for reliability, some work!