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Marshall JVM4 user reviews

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - "MARSHALL JVM 410 HAS IT ALL"


    The JVM 410 is Marshall's flagship 100 watt powerhouse. Following in the footsteps of the JCM 2000 series, the jvm has much more that the dsl or tsl ever did. The JVM comes with 4 el 34 power tunes and 1 ecc83. Four preamp tubes along with an awesome…

  • Marshall JVM410C

    Marshall JVM410C - "EEEHhh I'll pass!"


    This is the exact same amp as the Marshall JVM 410H but just in a combo version. You will have all the same tone and features as you would with the head. However, the amp may sound different since it is coming out of a 2x12 cab rather than a 4x12 cab…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - "Better... but still not quite there."


    The Marshall JVM line of amps was designed to be as versatile as possible, with the flagship 410 head featuring 4 channels with 3 selectable modes per channel. There's also an effects loop and individual reverb controls for each channel. The full lis…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - "Pass!!"


    I had heard so much talk about this amp for some time that I felt I need to get it. I was recently playing Mesa Boogies and wanted to go back to the Marshall tone that I was comfortable with. So I sold a Mesa that I had to get this amp. I had already…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by rockboy51/translated from Audiofanzine FR) All-tube amp head (5 ECC83, 4 EL34) Output power: 100 watts 4 channels: clean, crunch, od1, od2 3 modes per channel: green, orange, red Quality digital reverb 2 master volume controls…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - " just what I was looking"


    see other opinions or manufacturer's website, a Swiss Army knife guitarist loving his marshall. UTILIZATION 4 channels each with three mode (green orange red) increasing the gain. a clean, a crunch, a od1 an e OD2. manual a bit light for those wh…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - " "THE" head!"


    All-tube amplifier Connections: 1 hall, 1 loop, 1 noon, the output cab to 4, 8 16 ohms! Preferred connection: the midi input that I use with my boss GT8 connected via method 4 cables + a midi cable. Thus, the GT8 provided modulations, equalizer…

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - " Rock n Roll!"


    Lamp head 100W UTILIZATION super simple Gets it easy to sound good? ooooooh yes! SOUNDS I love this amp! its clear nickel, Overdrive, super cool, good on the other hand I never use the 2nd, it's a little too mushy after. OVERALL OPINIO…

  • Marshall JVMC212

    Marshall JVMC212 - " The perfect cab!"


    I use it for a very short time, and this time only at home. Soon I testerais the beast on stage. I have not tried many other models. I used to have a Marshall 4x12 cab with the "famous" G12T-75. While my previous two negative 4x12 points: 1 / …

  • Marshall JVM410H

    Marshall JVM410H - " POUWA positive"


    I'll repeat what others have to repeat already. Excellent. versatility due to these three modes per channel. the distortion makes me get wasted. The clean and very good, add to that chorus, reverb ... UTILIZATION not particularly complex. logic…