Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JVM410H

JVM410H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

tonmazz 08/19/2012

Marshall JVM410H : tonmazz's user review


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The JVM 410 is Marshall's flagship 100 watt powerhouse. Following in the footsteps of the JCM 2000 series, the jvm has much more that the dsl or tsl ever did. The JVM comes with 4 el 34 power tunes and 1 ecc83. Four preamp tubes along with an awesome footswitch.


There is a lot of versatility built into this monster and the sound possibilities are controlled via four separate channels all with super versatility. The channels are clean, crunch, od1 and od2. Each channel has three modes leading to incredible possibilities for sounds. Reverb for all channels as well as two masters, a resonance and presence. Of course it comes with volume, bass, mid, treble and gain for each channel. The panel is a bit daunting at first and it does take a while to get that hang of things. Once you do the JVM 410 has limitless sound possibilities.


This is by far the gainiest amp that Marshall has ever put out there. There is no lack of bass power as well. The resonance is a nice touch as anyone who mods old Marshalls can tell you. This is usually the first mod anyone adds to beef up the bottom end. It allows Marshalls which can be a bit thin sounding, ramp up the low end to compete with the power and throw of a Mesa for example. It just gives you a lot more depth, especially when playing more modern rock which needs to be a bit more bottom heavy and tight sounding. Marshall did well in listening to the people who have been asking for this for some time. The channels all have so many possibilities; there is no way someone couldn't find a tone they were looking for. Speaking of tone, this series is tonally more pleasing than the JCM 2000s were, they did a nice job here as well.


I would say that this amp can really do it all and is a great product for sure. Very versatile and sounds incredible. For the gigging musician, there isn't much more you could ask for except for on board effects but the effects loop pretty much lets you integrate effects pretty well. Only thing is that it does take some time to get used to all of the controls, buttons and dials. The JVM 205 might be better for those that don't need as much and like a simpler set up. Some say the 210 sounds even better than the 410. Only other thing I found is that the loop was hard to get sounding exactly transparent like some other loops I use often, the metro loop being one of them. Other than that the 410 is a great choice and will not disappoint.