Marshall JVMC212
Marshall JVMC212

JVMC212, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

eikichi8 05/07/2013

Marshall JVMC212 : eikichi8's user review

«  The perfect cab! »

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I use it for a very short time, and this time only at home. Soon I testerais the beast on stage.

I have not tried many other models. I used to have a Marshall 4x12 cab with the "famous" G12T-75.
While my previous two negative 4x12 points:
1 / I play on a Blackstar HT Club 50, only possible connection head without Modified: mono 8 ohms. He though it lacks potato! I would tend to argue that a 4x12 is more the companion of a 100 W head than anything else ...
2 / G12T-75: I'm not going to revive the age-old debate, but I did not like the texture of these HP. Too soft, mediums that lack definition and the treble obliged to tone and trebble thoroughly to get the sound that suited me the most.

So I searched for a 2x12 (also easier to transport). I turned to the famous V30 but listening (via youtube I compared dozens of HP, very convenient) I was a bit scared of criad side of their excellence in the high mids. We then talked about the Marshall cabinet JVMC212: a V30 and a G12H30 Heritage (very good bass and treble) and I finally left it.

I am fully satisfied, the marriage of these two HP is just perfect! I get to have ALL the sounds I am looking for marriage and with my head Blackstar is ideal! It is also good for hair cell dimensions thereof.
The cab is compact and is easily transportable with two side handles. The construction is solid, the Tolex of good quality, a good short cab Marshall on that side.

The price (520 € on Thomann) is quite high, but there already for 300 € HP inside ... Rest € 200 for the construction, distribution and margin manufacturers and wholesalers. Come on, this is a budget but quality has a price.