Marshall JVMC212
Marshall JVMC212

JVMC212, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

cestode 12/09/2009

Marshall JVMC212 : cestode's user review


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Bought new few months ago to replace my JCM900 1960A that I found too pnible displaces for concerts.
With the 2x12 is perfect, the weight is reasonable and it does not take me the whole trunk of the car!
With regard to the sound ... it is very good! The combination of G12 heritage and v30 provides a well balanced and well in all Dfine Frequencies (unlike 1960A got to missing my presence in severe and could be quickly Spotted in the treble).
The characteristics, however, for it will be limited for many people. 16 ohm single point. This is also what makes it original because it there 's little choice in the 2x12 16-ohm mono, and availing oneself of a head Peavey Classic 30 which has an output 16 ohm mono speaker this is perfect.
Purchased for just under $ 500, I think the report is correct qualitprix as the quality of its data and robustness of the speaker. It is ideal for owners of peavey classic 30 like me.