Marshall JVM410C
Marshall JVM410C

JVM410C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JVM4 series.

hazy geo 02/18/2012

Marshall JVM410C : hazy geo's user review

«  an amp crazy »

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everything was already said to all lamps amp with 4 channels and three types of gain per channel green, orange and red in it to care under the foot
100 W lamps while it's heavy it rivals even combos seamlessly with the head and 4 * 12
settings are very simple and accessible, however it is not the amp that I recommend to a beginner


super simple config all times you still have it use the multilingual manuals
:-) For once it's cool brief must be used because for my part I did not see immediately how the switch assigned such an example of fooswitch the overdrive channel 2 this function is very practical
and its all come good one is the foot


So I play rock grunge to blues to heavy metal and even see in it is terrible bluesy crunch channel is fabulous although I find that at the clean channel you can expect a better but still remains Bonnard
I play on 93 of prs prefactory CE24 therefore with double windings splitter but then I change into simple as I want and in both cases is the band without its problem of sick that this sends is terrible amps


I've had it about a month and I finally found a powerful amp with big sound and lots of saturated channel
at value for money is adequate although I find that the price difference between the head + 4/12 is not huge with combos seen most of his combos hand side less bulky and I can say that Matters turned serious I would have expected to see at least 100 200 euros less but I bought it on and I unhesitatingly resservirais home because prices are competitive with the other dealer was delivering it is quickly and the package is not baloté in all directions now try the amp in a store before the buy is better ^ ^ lol