MXL Microphones user reviews

  • MXL V250

    MXL V250 - "Great Mic, Even Better Price!" has images


    If you are looking for a mid range sounding mic for a great price, the MXL V250 is the mic you are looking for. The V250 averages $60-$80 online, but don't get too excited Canadians, you will be hit at the border and the price will go up. Even if you…

  • MXL V69XM

    MXL V69XM - "A great tube mic, the cost is just a bonus!" has images


    MXL has made a serious condenser tube mic at an even more serious price. The MSRP is $399 however many sites offer it in the $200-$300 range. Like most other tube mics this 12AT7 dual-triode tube is powered by a dedicated power supply. The gold grill…

  • MXL V69XM

    MXL V69XM - "Some issues with noise"


    The V69XM is a Tube Condenser Microphone that has a stylish design with a gold plated mesh grill. This microphone has a 32mm capsule and amazing recording quality. It comes in a hard shell case that will protect the microphone while being moved or fo…

  • MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone

    MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone - "figure 8 pattern and a clean sound"


    The MXL R40 is a Ribbon Mic that comes with a shockmount and it is well made. I am not a fan of the color (teal-ish) but it is not that bad once you get it in your studio and set up. This microphone does not require phantom power so you will need to …

  • MXL V69M

    MXL V69M - "full and rich sound"


    The MXL V69 is a tube microphone with a classic beautiful design and finish on it. It is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a warm classic sound. The dynamic range on this microphone is very wide and it can pick up a lot of external noise if…

  • MXL V77S

    MXL V77S - "Good Mic for Room Mics" has images


    I like most of the MXL line and I sue them every day at my studio complex I like this microphone for room micing for drums only. I think that this V line of mics is great for room and acoustic but I personally dont like t…

  • MXL V69

    MXL V69 - "Good but not for vocals." has images


    This line of mics from MXL I don't care for on vocals whatsoever. They have a real high mid sound. I don't like this mic for vocals. I have used it in my studio daily for room micing. It is fine as a room mic but not for …

  • MXL Genesis

    MXL Genesis - "Good mic" has images


    I am a huge fan of most all of the MXL Mic Line. I use them daily at my studio complex This microphone delivers a good punch on the low end and is a bit more bass oriented than their normal microphones. I do like the mid…

  • MXL V87

    MXL V87 - BeyondR's review


    MXL V87 is a recording microphone that uses condenser technology to capture all the nuances and timbre in terms of vocal recordings. OVERALL OPINION What I like most about is, it's the body and the great recording that captures even the slightest v…

  • MXL V77S

    MXL V77S - "MultiPurpose Microphone"


    I have been using the MXL V77S consistently for about 4 years now, I did own this microphone for a while and one thing that I noticed about it that it has over other similar microphones is that the MXL V77S is a very neutral and consistent microphone…