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sacchetta 09/27/2014

MXL V69XM : sacchetta's user review

« A great tube mic, the cost is just a bonus! »

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MXL has made a serious condenser tube mic at an even more serious price. The MSRP is $399 however many sites offer it in the $200-$300 range. Like most other tube mics this 12AT7 dual-triode tube is powered by a dedicated power supply. The gold grill with black body makes any recording space look even more sleek. Weighing in at 1lb, don't worry about the V69 weighing down your mic stand.

When you open the sturdy aluminum case for the first time you will be ecstatic to find a high quality shock mount along with your power supply, cables and of course, MXL V69 microphone. Your worst nightmare comes true, the case slips out of your hands and tumbles down the stairs. After handling the case, I don't see how anything inside will be damaged. Ya it's a bit bulky, but I'll take bulky over broken any day.

-12AT7 dual-triode tube
-Dedicated power supply
-No transformer
-Mogami cable & wiring
-Frequency response of 20Hz - 18kHz
-10kHz boost
-22 mV/Pa Sensitivity
-Impedance - 200 ohms
-Capsule Size - 32mm/1.26 in
-Durable aluminium case
-Shock mount
-Black with gold grill
-47mm x 218mm (1.85" x 8.58")
-Weight of 500g


I love the rich sound that only a tube mic can attain. This mic had a particularly nice high end, and when looking at the frequency chart I can see that it has been boosted slightly. It is my go-to mic for vocals but also sounds great on acoustic guitar, piano, brass and stringed instruments. You will be a lot more satisfied with what you are putting through your gain stage when you use this mic. It isn't one of those mics you are hesitant to give a bit of juice to.

I think this mic rivals some of the mics in the $600-$800 range. I've read about it being compared to the U87 (can't comment on that myself though). So ya, I'd have to say it has some excellent value for the price. Not to mention the solid case it comes in; if someone threw it down the stairs the mic would be fine. Similar mics can't come with a cheap mic clip, not the V69. The shock mount just adds to the value of this mic.

Excellent sound, and very true. Nothing is overly boosted to make up for poor part quality. I didn't try out many other models before buying this, I just did a lot of research online and read what a lot of customers had to say.

Knowing what I know now, absolutely, I'd buy another. In fact at the studio we have another! Give this mic a go!

-12AT7 tube
-Dedicated power supply
-Shock mount
-Solid road case

-Dips a bit near the 20k region (not that we notice it much or at all anyways)
-Case is a bit bulky (some people may not have as much storage space as they would like)

-It is recommended that the V69 is to be used in the inverted position to avoid tube heat from affecting diaphragm

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