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sw80 12/15/2012

MXL V69XM : sw80's user review

« Some issues with noise »

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The V69XM is a Tube Condenser Microphone that has a stylish design with a gold plated mesh grill. This microphone has a 32mm capsule and amazing recording quality. It comes in a hard shell case that will protect the microphone while being moved or for storage purposes. It records clean vocals and acoustic instruments giving a warm full and rich sound with no effort at all. I have been using this microphone for about a year now and it was one of the more expensive microphones that I have purchased for my home studio set up.


One issue that I have had with it is while recording it seems to pick up a lot of “air” type of sounds. It just seems to make the vocals lighter than they should and seems like there is a lot of “air” in the way. It will still keep everything warm but sometimes this problem can really bother me and mess up my recordings. I have even tried to rearrange my set up thinking that maybe it’s the space around the microphone and that didn’t work. Also purchased more acoustic padding so I could keep everything treated properly and that didn’t work. After consulting with MXL staff they assured me that it should not be sounding like that and I could send it back. I did not send it back and I have been dealing with the “air” issue but I have some plug-ins that help with that sound so it is kind of a work around for it.
My favorite part of this microphone is the look of it, it has a very stylish design and looks great set up in my home studio. It adds a more expensive feel to it just by looking at it and makes it feel more like a real studio and less like a spare bedroom.