chrislieck 09/25/2012

MXL Genesis : chrislieck's user review

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I am a huge fan of most all of the MXL Mic Line. I use them daily at my studio complex This microphone delivers a good punch on the low end and is a bit more bass oriented than their normal microphones. I do like the mid range dip as far as my ears can tell. I would use this for instrumentation such as guitar amps or acoustic guitars. The first thing I will say is that I don't normally like external power supply mics. I have had a great deal of issues with some MXL mics when using them with the power supply. This is a tube mic and the tube does sound good. I am not a real fan of most tube mics unless they have reliable and have a reputation for not having issues. It does have a good sized capsule so I do like that. It was a bit noisy on the 4k side and had some high end break up but it still sounded very very good for the money. I would consider this a decent buy but not a steal. I like the SPARK mic better and that is half the price of this mic. I do like it for vocals and I used it several times on a male singer. I do like the sound of the voice on male singers. I used an API and with no compression and it did have the singer right on top of the diaphragm.

There was a bit of treble but again no mic is perfect for every singer. I do like the way that it sounded on an acoustic guitar and for room micing it was very very good. The sound was clean and not to harsh as some of my other MXL mics that have tubes in them. The color is nice and it looks very good but that is not a reason to purchase a mic. I like the feel of the mic. It has a good if not sturdy feel but is not to bulky and big. Some of their older tube ones were to big and obtrusive and had some tube issues. I am more of a fan of MXL's mics without tubes but this mic was pretty good sounding and it was a pretty decent buy. I would not get a pair of these as it would be to costly for me to justify the sound of the mic.


Impressed with it's punch.

Good value in that it cost just the right amount for what you get. The sound is punchy and is a bit more low end oriented.

I like this mic. For the most part and it did perform better that expected as it did not get a great deal of reviews prior to my $400 purchase of mics. I looked for a review that I could get my teeth into.

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