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Other Cables/Connectors user reviews

  • Mogami Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable

    Mogami Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable - "Clear quality"


    Cables are often the part of our signal chain that is taken for granted even though they play a vital role in the signal chain. I have owned and used Mogami instrument cables for years and have never had one fail and still believe they offer so…

  • Alesis GuitarLink Plus

    Alesis GuitarLink Plus - "No need for the ol' box interface "


    The Alesis Guitar Link Plus is a perfect way to get your guitar tracks right in your computer without having to purchase an interface with other inputs or having any other bulky gear around. All you need is this cord and your computer. You can even u…

  • Roland GKC-5

    Roland GKC-5 - "Must have"


    The Roland GKC-5 is a 15’ cable that has a 13 pin connector on it to use with your guitar set up. I currently only a lot of these cables because they are my favorite and have never let me down. The end cap connectors are well made and will not break…

  • Horizon IPad-10

    Horizon IPad-10 - moosers's review


    Before there was Apple's iPad, Horizon released a much lesser known device called the Horizon IPad-10. The comparisons will stop there, as of course this serves a completely different function, as it's a -10 db pad for use in the studio. In theory …

  • Little Labs STD Mercenary Instrument Cable Extender

    Little Labs STD Mercenary Instrument Cable Extender - moosers's review


    The Little Labs STD Instrument Cable Extender is a simple and unique device that allows you to extend your instrument cable without losing any quality. If you didn't know, using really long instrument cables can actually cause you to lose some tone,…

  • Rip Tie CableWrap

    Rip Tie CableWrap - moosers's review


    Rip Tie's CableWrap is one of the heaviest cable ties that Rip Tie has to offer. They're a one stop shop for cable ties of all shapes and sizes, designed of course to keep your cables of all types wrapped up and nice and neat. The ties come togethe…

  • Hosa YPP-111

    Hosa YPP-111 - moosers's review


    The Hosa YPP-111 is a simple 1/4" Y splitter that splits a single 1/4" male into two 1/4" female jacks. It's useful in all sorts of situations, as I've got one at home for multi-purpose usage. Mostly, I use it for home audio purposes for splitting …

  • Monster 1/4" St M to 1/8" Mono F Adapter

    Monster 1/4" St M to 1/8" Mono F Adapter - moosers's review


    The Monster Cable 1/4" St M to 1/8" Mono F Adapter is a simple device, most associated with use for headphones. The ends of headphones usually come in either a 1/4" or 1/8" connector, and this is useful for when you have an 1/8" headphone end and wa…

  • Ati Audio MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array

    Ati Audio MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array - moosers's review


    The ATI MMA800-1 Multiple Amplifier Array is a unique device that is designed for boosting mic or line inputs up +24 db's. It consists of eight channels and the ability to use each in whatever fashion you'd like, whether it's for mic, line, or other…

  • Henry Engineering The Matchbox

    Henry Engineering The Matchbox - moosers's review


    Henry Engineering's The Matchbox is a two impedance converter. It's designed for use in the studio where you might need to convert a lower impedance or vice versa. It's the older version of the Matchbox, as there is also a Matchbox HD which is the …