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Other Cables/Connectors user reviews

  • Neutrik NKTT12

    Neutrik NKTT12 - moosers's review


    The Neutrik NKTT12's are TT patch cables for use in a studio's patch bay. Neutrik is best known for makers connectors for cables as well as patch bays and other products for in studio use where connections need to be made. They're probably the most …

  • Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT

    Mogami Pure Patch TT to TT - moosers's review


    Mogami's Pure Patch TT to TT cables are undoubtedly the best TT patch cables you can get. Mogami has a reputation for crafting some of the finest cables out there, and it's certainly not unwarranted. These are incredibly sturdy cables that are of c…

  • Horizon Concert Series 24 Channel Snake

    Horizon Concert Series 24 Channel Snake - moosers's review


    Horizon's Concert Series 24 Channel Snake is a simple yet very sturdy audio snake that can be used in live concert venues or in the recording studio. The place that I've used this snake has been in the studio, as the studio where I'm working has one…

  • Shure A15TG

    Shure A15TG - moosers's review


    The Shure A15TG is a simple tone generator that fits in between your mic line. It's got XLR connections on either end and is a battery powered device. The tone that it will generator is at 700 Hz, which of course is strategically chosen since it is…

  • Shure A15LA

    Shure A15LA - moosers's review


    The Shure A15LA is a line adapter that is designed to convert a high level line output to a low impedance microphone input. It's got 50 db's of attenuation in it, and is more of a utility than anything else. We have one of these in the studio where…

  • Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties

    Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties - moosers's review


    The Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties are simple little accessories for your instrument or microphone cables that attach to your cables and allows you to hold it together once it's wrapped up and ready to be put away. The elastic band is easily a…

  • Shure A15AS Attenuator

    Shure A15AS Attenuator - moosers's review


    The Shure A15AS Attenuator is a simple connector pad that goes in between your microphone and your console/preamp/audio interface. It has a few different settings, with a switch for choosing between 15, 20, and 25 db attenuation levels. While certa…

  • Monster Powercenter Hts1000fr

    Monster Powercenter Hts1000fr - moosers's review


    The Monster Cable Power Center HTS1000FR is a truly complete power strip that has eight ports power jacks, four coax, and four LAN jacks. It is designed for use with home theaters as a center piece for power and connections. It is definitely one of…

  • Monster Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m

    Monster Cable Micro Standard 100 Xlr/xlr 6m - JackLudden's review


    I have been using Monster cabling for about 5 years. I'm writing this review to talk about Monster audio cables in general. The two biggest names in audio cable right now seem to be Mogami and Monster. Both are quite pricey - Mogami being more exp…

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