Alesis GuitarLink Plus
Alesis GuitarLink Plus

GuitarLink Plus, Other Cable/Connector from Alesis.

stompboxjon 03/12/2013

Alesis GuitarLink Plus : stompboxjon's user review

« No need for the ol' box interface  »

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The Alesis Guitar Link Plus is a perfect way to get your guitar tracks right in your computer without having to purchase an interface with other inputs or having any other bulky gear around. All you need is this cord and your computer. You can even use it with an iPad via USB connections but you will need to purchase the iPad USB adapter which is not very expensive. I mainly use this with my iPad and recording into various apps.
It does come with Guitar Rig LE that has a few amps and effects to work with right out of the gate. I do own the full version of Guitar Rig and I can say it is worth the money to have it. The LE is ok, but upgrade to the full version if you really want to get the best out of it.
The cord length is over is pretty long making it easy to have my iPad on the table while recording into it from sitting in a chair or at my desk. The quality of recording you will get is ok but it is nothing that makes me not want to record with my interfaces anymore. This is just a cable that I keep with me in my bag with my iPad so that I can always record some guitar riffs and ideas into my iPads and sometimes later I will take that audio clip and bring it back to my studio to add more effects via Guitar Rig and other plug ins.
The Guitar Link is very inexpensive and it is a must have for any guitarist that wants to record and doesn’t want to mess with bulky interfaces dealing with a bunch of technicalities. I have been using the Guitar Link Plus for a while now. I do not use it a lot because I definitely get better sounding recordings with my interface but it is handy to have and pretty darn cool to use with an iPad.