EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander
EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander

Bit Commander, Other Guitar Effect from EarthQuaker Devices.

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dalcl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My best buy effect for a long time"

EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander
It's not strictly speaking an effects pedal is a monophonic synthesizer controllable by guitar, with a possible effect on knob "base" which is the guitar signal processed square wave, it gives a kind fuzz.
There is of course one volume and one tone (the volume is cool because when pushed to 80% or more, it gives an extra grain, fat present).
And if four pots ranging from no sound at bottom:
- Base: sound of the guitar in square wave
- Sub: note the guitar -2 octave
- Down 1: -1 octave note
- Up 1: one note to octave.

To know that what comes out of these last three are not the sound of the guitar treaty, but the sound of the pedal, so the guitar or the microphone used does not matter. And all that flexible as desired.
It's analog, and it shows.


It is used as a pedal, no manual, but no worries.
The only negative is that it only works on AC, no battery slot, it can perhaps be tinkering with little difficulty, but I like that suits me


Well I will not be objective about the sound quality, as I really flashed and that's why I bought it.
I am using almost no "base" so I will not comment, but if the sounds are really "beautiful", dirty, organic, all I wanted and more, as it is the synthesis, there is no parasite or breath.

Failing to try the different give a good overview of what makes the pedal (as the guitar thing does not change its in my case)

I also played a lot live in the sound card, bypassing the amp, it was something even more now (obviously) and rich.

I use it with a guitar, and -2 octaves, it is already very serious, so with a low, I do not know what it can give.

The pros: just about everything, I love this box.
The -: -2 octave is not always accurate in the sense that sometimes when you attack the strings a bit much, the pedal must capture too many overtones and may tend to play an octave too high (yes c is mono, so one note at a time, otherwise the sonic deluge , except for knob basic course), so it can be fun if we like the sound dropouts a little at times, but it can be a bit boring if you take his guitar line specific. But one can easily avoid this by playing palm mute, and then it does almost exclusively on the E string until 8 / 10th box.
And another point that can piss off the guitar hero (though the pedal is not for them at the same time) is that you can not play the endless sustain, as it is a synthesizer note Dry stops below a certain level.

Ok good side - is longer than the + side, but if you like that sort of sound, you will not be disappointed.


I compared a lot of gender effects, synth, Octavers (Subdecay, mi audio, EHX ...)... I had no idea of ​​what I wanted, and the only one that caught my attention and I'm really pleased, it's like a new instrument for me. And it's one of the cheapest market in this category, with the dollar down, I got to 140 € fdp included and no customs fees.
When you see the price of other kinds of pedals (often double), one can only say that the ratio q / p is incredible, I would do this choice without hesitation.

I put 9 history of being fussy compared to the sub octave that could have been a bit more accurate, but if that is happiness