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Other Software user reviews

  • Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0

    Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 - yoTrakkz's review


    I have been using the Sony Vegas Lines for years now, and I started on Sony Vegas 4.0. Sony Vegas give you complete control over your video editing. If you are new to Sony Vegas you will need to read the manual, the program can get a little confusing…

  • Adobe Photoshop CS

    Adobe Photoshop CS - "Photoshop is king.."


    Adobe Photoshop CS is the best most well rounded piece of software you can purchase. Very easy to use and install. Works great with Windows Vista and haven’t had a single crash. If you are new to Photoshop you will definitely need to pick up the man…

  • SBooth Max

    SBooth Max - moosers's review


    The SBooth developed Max software is audio file conversion and tagging software, available as a free download for Macintosh systems only. It's open source software that serves a few basic functions, but does what it does very efficiently with an eas…

  • Qdea Synchronize! X Plus

    Qdea Synchronize! X Plus - moosers's review


    The Qdea Synchronize! X Plus is a great program for backing up your data on your Apple computer. I’ve had this program for about a year or two and could not be more happy with it, as it makes backing up and synchronizing drives easier than ever, whi…

  • Adobe Photoshop CS

    Adobe Photoshop CS - moosers's review


    Adobe Photoshop CS was quick and easy to install, and I had it up and running within a matter of minutes. I had no compatibility issues with my configuration and the software has always run smoothly for me. The interface of Photoshop CS is similar …

  • Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio 2.0

    Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio 2.0 - "Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio 2.0"


    Review copy from Sonic Foundry. As far as hard disk recording goes, I find Vegas to be the most user friendly. It makes hard disk recording a pleasure. It's not setup for VST. Haven't found any bugs in it yet! I'd say that's pretty good consi…

Translated user reviews
  • ZAQ Audio Zaquencer

    ZAQ Audio Zaquencer - "SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    Software to install on your computer via a Behringer BCR2000 a midi output Installation is simple following the pdf manual provides no manual is the galley to allow software configuration is rather simple once you understand the new machine …

  • Jan Eidtmann Prodatum

    Jan Eidtmann Prodatum - " Perfect"


    It is a freeware and full editor for the E-mu Proteus P1000 P2000 series is to say that you are concerned if you have any of the following expendeurs: Proteus 2000 B3 Mo'Phatt Virtuoso 2000 Xtreme Lead-1 Planet Earth Orbit 3 Proteus 1…

  • Apple iBook Author

    Apple iBook Author - " Free and totally revolutionary"


    Trouble-free installation No configuration problem on my system It is possible to run iBooks Author on Snow Leopard with a little manipulation. No incompatibilities found Manual clear and not sufficient for the moment we can not find a vid…

  • reKon Audio Virus editor

    reKon Audio Virus editor - " Scam?"


    For instalation no problem, it's just a dll to copy. Config is non-existent, no problem either. When a compatibility with ableton it is 3 minutes before the crash! This is not really helped by the manual does not exists! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE…