Behringer Vintager AC112
Behringer Vintager AC112

Vintager AC112, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer Vintager AC112

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 16 reviews )
 15 reviews94 %
 1 user review6 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
Phil Domagala12/01/2019

Phil Domagala's review"Pawn Shop prize"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I've been looking for an amp for home so I don't have to crank up my 50 Watt Marshall Super Lead, but I didn't want to sacrifice too much tone. I also wanted an amp that works well playing blues and rock. I saw this amp in a pawn shop and had no knowledge of it at all. When I asked about the $50. price tag, they said it had a volume issue. I left but turned around and went back in to check it out further. Sure enough I plugged in and the clerk said "see?" It barely made a sound. Then I saw that the master volume was on 1/4. I turned it up and shook the windows. I said I'll take it!. I've been gigging and rehearsing with this amp and I love it. Tonally it's easy to dial in a sound. it holds up after hours of playing and the DSP effects are not thin in a club setting. I'm playing a Strat most of the time. The first time I plugged my LP into it I was thrilled with the amazing tone! Thanks Behringer!!! If I lost this one, I replace it in a heartbeat, and wouldn't wait for a $50. deal. As it's been said the Jensen is sweet. I only wish it had a speaker out to go into my 4-12 Celestion-loaded Duncan cab. I can only imagine what that must sound like!
MGR/Don Coyer08/18/2004

MGR/Don Coyer's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I've been using different amps over the years, had been using a Peavey Bandit 75 for a few years because you can hurl them out of an airplane and they'll still work. Mine finally croaked. Tired of fixing it, so I checked out a bunch of amps. Been really intrigued with Behringer stuff because of the price, but also some pretty amazing features. I have one of their compressors that I use for my studio and it's great, and also a headphone amp. So, I checked into several of their amps, and overall, I decided the AC-112 with a vintage tube sound along with a lot of digital effects would be good. I'm trying it in my studio now, and so far, it's great. I paid $299 for it. Free shipping.

The clean and distorted tones sound great, I'll know more when I use it at a gig, but I don't see that there'll be any problem. Actually, I think this is just the punchy little number I've been looking for, and it's quite tweakable, so it should work great. The amp is larger than I had thought, but not in a bad way, and it's not really THAT heavy, unless you're a wuss. I like that you can use a midi foot controller with it to access the parameters, since I already have a big old Boss controller just sitting around. I may end up getting a Behringer controller with the 2 expression pedals, since I use a volume pedal and Wah. Another thing I like is that I may not have to use much or any compression with this amp. Most amps or pedals with digital FX include compression, but it's always crappy and grainy sounding, I can't stand it, so I always use an outboard compressor pedal with anything I use. May not be a problem now.The controls being on top like an old Vox or Ampeg might be a drag, but I knew that when I bought it, and I think the pedals will eliminate that from being a problem.
I like the tone. The distortion is great, I think it's exactly what I've been looking for

So far, I've liked everything. It seems like a slight hassle figuring out how to set up the presets, but hey, I'm lazy.

This thing is BUILT. Very solid, and it looks much better than the photos lead one to believe. It's a great combo of vintage and modern. The controls on top are laid out logically. I may build a padded half box to slip over the top before I put it in my road case, as the knobs, though flush to the top of the amp, are in a bit of a vulnerable position.

I'm aware that there may be some slight problems with this amp as I use it at gigs, but I've read a lot about it online, and for instance, the buzz of the cabinet that is the main gripe I've heard, I also read it can be fixed but putting electricians tape around the 2 sections of the amp. That would require taking it apart, but this amp has enough features that it appears to be worth the little extra effort. I doubt there will ever be one amp that covers all bases, but this may come close. I'm surprised at how much I like it already.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I really want a tube amp but was put off by the price, so after reading the glowing reviews of this amp on this site I decided to buy one from in Brighton (£169.00) a load cheaper than anywhere else!!.

It arrived next day and I was blown away with the performace of the unit (it's seriously loud!!)

Real tube like sounds from deep mellow clean sounds to Marshall stack overdrive.

If you play with the master volume below five the sound turns quite dull and weak but (heres the good bit) you can regulate the volume with the seperate clean and overdrive channel volume controls. So no biggy!

Built like a tank although some of the controls are a bit wobbly and feel like they may fall off!

The headphone jack on mine stopped working and when I contacted Behringer they told me to send it back to the shop who would send it to them, it was repaired and returned to me within 8 days.

Customer service was brilliant!

This really is a fantastic amp for the price, I was a bit pissed off about the headphone jack but Behringer proved to me that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

If you can't afford a full tube amp, you can't go wrong with this. Top stuff!

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MGR/YES's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
Baught this amp on ebay. needed another tube amp to replace my old non working ones.
Payed under 300 bucks.

I like everything about it 'cept for that it is not made in USA. Love the effects, took some time to get acostomed to them but now I love them. It sounds better than anything I have heard in the $ range. What flexibility this amp has, i just love it man.


Built well, no buzzing, no loose parts to rattle at hi volumes. built like a brick shi* house.

One sweet amp.

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MGR/William M. (Chicago)11/19/2003

MGR/William M. (Chicago)'s review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
>BACK STORY<...(Sorry).
I am 41 years old. When I was young I played in a few bands. After a getting married and having a child combined with a full-time factory job that was a 12 hour shift 5 to 7 days a week, playing guitar came to an end.
A few years ago I began feeling that something was missing from my life and that something was making music. So at about 38 years of age I decided to indulge again.
The "Behringer - Vintager AC112" was not the first amp I bought. I purchased this unit because the first amp I bought when I started playing again was a famous named solid state combo that dissappointed me. (It cost the same as the "Vintager" also.)
When I was young and playing every day all amps had tubes. (I assumed the first one had tubes also.) I didn't realize how much had changed in the years I wasn't swingin' an axe. Let's just say the amp before the "Behringer" just didn't enthuse or satisfy.
I bought the Behringer because it was an inexpensive choice that at least featured a tube in the pre-amp stage of the combo. I was accustomed to tube tone and played with a bit of feedback at times. I couldn't get the solid state number to howl at all.
Although I knew nothing of "Behringer," (remember I had nothing to do with music for almost 20 years), I read reviews regarding the "Vintager AC112" that were overall positive. That, combined with the reasonable price is why I bought it. When I started looking for an amp I couldn't believe the changes - (for better or for worse) - in musician's gear.
I purchased the "Behringer - Vintager AC112" amp through "Musician's Friend" mail-order. (Having my equipment shipped to my doorstep has me spoiled rotten. (Don't get me wrong...I LIKE IT!) Cost of the product before S/H fees and taxes was $249.99.

A hybrid amp with one tube kickin' 60 watts through a Jensen 12" speaker, two channels, clean and overdrive with a footswitch included for $249.99?
I was hoping I'd get at least a bit of that warm tone from the one tube, but I didn't. Instead I got a butt kicking from this amp. As I said it's been a long time since I had played, but the one tube "Hybrid Wonder" sounds like an all tube old timey combo but with 21st Century technology.
Maybe I've gone a bit overboard with my take on the tube tone but it has enough of what I was looking and hoping for to make me one thankful person. And that tone at 60 watts, for $249.99 is unbelievable.
Along with the hybrid features, two foot-switchable channels (footswitch included!) and explosive power is a built in "Digital Effect" module. It is a 24 bit stereo effects processor. (Comes with a "Line Out" jack to hook up to another speaker cabinet to realize the stereo effects.)
The get the effects included in the processor you'd need 10 pedals. There are also a few modeling presets to get the tones of different amps.
It's also MIDI. You can also download through your PC via the Internet different presets, effects and all that at the Behringer website. Maybe other websites too if it's possible. (I, being a novice PC user cannot say for sure.)

Some of the things that would make this amp more attractive to today's players with knowledge of MIDI, Digital Effect Processing, and Programmable Presets, etc...are the only thing I can't deal with. This technology is new to me and I do have a bit of trouble setting the effects I want and assigning them to each channel. (I'm ready for the "Dummys Guide to Modern Musician's Equipment.")
I'm not down with all the technology so having it right in front of me can be frustrating. I just pick out one or two effects and stick with them. I'm more the foot pedal effect kind of guy. Hey...I'm an old timer! I still prefer my records on Vinyl rather than on CD.
Don't let my lack of tecnology know-how stop you from buying this amp. It is an amazing piece of equipment at a ridiculously low price! (It's worth twice the price!)

As for the construction of this marvel of science, it's built like a tank! It is solid wood, (most likely a plywood) covered with a heavy black tolex like vinyl covering. It has a heavy duty hand strap for carrying it and the joints are re-enforced with metal corner brackets. The back of the cabinet is open about half the height of the unit which makes storing the cord (when careful) an easy thing to do.
A word on the manufacturing. The price is $249.99 for a's made in China. But as I read about the spec's (and remember I told you I worked in a factory for a long time), the plant that makes this product is ISO 9000 certified. I'm not an expert but to be certified ISO 9000, the manufacturing process, the quality of the worker, knowledge of the inspected by a team of experts who are trained to look for faults or anything else that would result in an inferior product. If I recall, a company that wishes to be certified ISO 9000 must pay for the inspections and are not given notice of when the inspection team is on it's way to check out the plant. So "Made in China" in this instance should not factor in to your decision making if looking for a well done guitar amp combo! these days of astronomical prices for average to sub-par products, is an enigma! You can't go wrong. If you're like me at all when it comes to digital effect processing, stick to one effect or model type for each channel and use your pedals and stomp boxes. If you want to get "up to speed" with today's technology take the time to learn how to use every feature. I give the "Behringer - Vintager AC112" my blessings. You may now buy with peace of mind.

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MGR/Paul R. - New Orleans 02/12/2003

MGR/Paul R. - New Orleans 's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I recently began to jam with a group of "old geezers" and needed a larger amp- I currently have a 25W fender. After several weeks of comparison shopping and reading countless reviews, I ordered the AC112 amp from American Music Supply. Cost was $249 plus $14 for shipping

I couldn't have made a better choice!! The tube tone betters any marshall or fender I have owned. The "clean" channel is exactly that- pristine might be a better word- and the overdrive is as good as any I have heard. The onboard effects processor is much more than I expected (or will probably ever use to it's full potential).

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I don't like about the amp. The manual however, could go into a little more detail when explaining the use of the effects processor.

This is every bit a product of german engineering. The look is a little "retro" and the construction is top notch. (Even the included footswitches are built to last.)

If someone handed me $1000 to buy any amp I wanted, I'd buy another one of these!! You just won't beat the TONE.

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MGR/Icaboyd's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I bought this amp from I paid $250 for the amp plus shipping and handling. Then I added the midi foot controller for $112.

I used to use the Line6 spider 2x10 combo amp. And man all I can say is that the Vintager is ten times better and much more versatile. All 99 digital effects are of good quality, and not too extreme and outrageous. Just good stuff. And in combination with the 12ax7 tube this amp is warm, and has a much better sound then the digital modeling amps can deliver. Adding the foot controller made switching between my effects a breeze.

I like everything about this amp.

Excellent construction. I think this has a huge sound for such a small package.

This amp is great, it blends the best of both worlds... digital effects with a tube amp. Dont be swayed into the digital modeling amps they cant give you the real-crunch and feel of a tube amp. And this amp delivers just that and more!

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MGR/John Reid01/16/2003

MGR/John Reid's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
I live in Ireland, so I bought directly from Germany via internet mail order from because I had tried the smaller GM110 in a shop and loved the solid-state valve emulation -- I couldn't stop playing, and figured that if Behringer can do this in a practice amp, then I really want to see their stage amps! I paid a ridiculous 269 Euros, or about US$250.

The sound, plain and simple. There's a 12AX7 preamp, a 60W solid-state power amp and a 12" Jensen speaker. This amp is LOUD, in the region of VALVE loud! Dual channels can go from vintage Fender sparkly clean to creamy valve-o-rama with a tap on the (included!) sturdy metal footswitch. The icing on the cake is the 24-bit MIDI-controllable digital effects section that comes out in STEREO on two 1/4 inch line outs at the back. Oh -- and there's the look of the amp: cool, vintage black and chrome, think Harley-Davidson. This is not a send up. It really does cost just around 250 US bucks. Forget what you've heard/read about solid-state, they've cracked it: as the Behringer logo says, "just listen!".

The one big thing you need to know before you even try this amp: keep the master volume at or above 5. If you don't, it'll suck all the tone out of your sound. Everything else is so near a perfect 10, I can't believe they made this one awful mistake; no biggy, however, but you really do need to KNOW about it. Simply regulate your volume with the channel controls -- and yes, you can still play Santana-style at bedroom levels! OK, I confess ... my 20-year-old Yamaha SG2000 (yes, Crusty here, I bought it when I was 22) straight into this amp with only reverb added, absolutely nails Santana's "Europa" tone from Moonflower ....

Looks great, built to last, oozes class and will be the envy of your friends. If it was a woman, I'd marry it. Black vinyl covered, highly polished chrome chassis set towards the back, MDF cabinet, strong, not too heavy. The main criticism would be the pots, set directly on the PCB and might not take too hard a hit, but on the other hand, they're recessed, so a good quality cover (not included) or a flight case will solve that problem. The only change I've made so far is to fit castors, but that's only because I'm getting lazy in my old age.

I never write reviews on websites, but I'm so frustrated that even though my guitarist pals have seen and heard this amp, they are still hesitating because they can't believe there isn't a catch .... OK, bottom line: for everything except the most extreme shred metal, if you play electric guitar you simply owe it to yourself to play into this amp.

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MGR/John Clute01/03/2003

MGR/John Clute's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
Purchased from for $289.
I needed a portable unit with ~60 watts output and a reasonable price.
I only play for myself and friends anymore. I have been playing guitar for well over 30 years and have been in many bands. I play virtually any type of music from Classical to Heavy Metal to Country.

I love the sound from this tube amp and it has plenty of output for my purpose. It has a clean and overdrive input. I love all the special effects and extras like the MIDI input. Also, I like the location of the controls which give a nice clean look to the unit and I can easily see the settings while standing or sitting.

Not really anything. It exceeds my expectations in virtually all aspects. The only thing that possibly could be better is the effects interface. With so many effects and the ability to change the aspects of each effect, getting the exact sound you want can be daunting.

The case is well built with metal corner protectors and good reinforcements. Haven't had any mechanical or electrical problems at all. I did purchase a Tuki cover for it to protect from scatches and tears.

I love this amp. I would replace it with the same model if anything happened to it. It meets all my requirements and without spending a small fortune.

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MGR/JBROCKING's review"Behringer Vintager AC112"

Behringer Vintager AC112
Purchased atMuscians Friend at the unbelievable price of 249.00!! Get out!

Its all there. If you need an amp that can be bi-polar, this is it. Clean and sweat...nasty with crunch! On board effects save big bucks. You can't go wrong with this amp for the money. This is the real thing at an unreal price!

The only thing I'd like to see is a external cab out.

Solid construction. Vintage design very attactive. Looks great on stage.

I have tried several other tube preamp over the past couple of months and I have not found an amp that can do it all like the Behringer AC112. I don't want to name other brands specifically, but the other company in the mother company can't compete with price or utility.

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