Fender Mustang V Head

Fender Mustang V Head

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Mustang V Head, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

4 user reviews
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Fender Mustang V Head review

Fender Mustang V Review

Fender Mustang V Review

Headlong About one year ago Fender released the small modeling guitar combo Mustang II. Ever since, they have extended their product line with more powerful products, including an amp head we want to try out now... Read more…

Fender Mustang V Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model: Mustang V Head
  • Series: Mustang Amp
  • Category: Modelling Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 01/10/2011

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Fender Mustang V Head user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %
Value For Money :

iamqman's review"nah I'll pass"

Fender Mustang V Head
This is the head version of the modeling series Mustang amps that Fender is pushing lately. It has basically the same feature and tone as the combo but just in a head from. I am not really a fan the head amp because of the whole idea of amp modeling. I think they are not used for live play and should be used only for practicing at home. having a head and then having to get a cabinet is too much of a commitment.

I believe that the Mustang series is the flagship line for amp modelers that Fender is putting out. They now have several different sizes and wattage. These units are some of the best sounding modelers out on the market and definitely Fender's best efforts in this game.

I have never been a fan of amp modeling since I feel they don't sound authentic or feel at all like a real tube amp. This particular model doesn't change my mind but it does sound good for what it is.



150W (2x75W stereo)
One channel with 100 presets
All-new DSP platform
12 amp models: '57 Deluxe™, '59 Bassman®, '57 Champ®, '65 Deluxe Reverb®, '65 Princeton® Reverb, '65 Twin Reverb®, Super-Sonic™, British '60s, British '70s, British '80s, American '90s, Metal 2000
7 stomp effects: Overdrive, Fixed Wah, Touch Wah, Fuzz, Fuzz Touch Wah, Compressor, Simple Compressor
11 modulation effects: Sine Chorus, Triangle Chorus, Sine Flanger, Triangle Flanger, Vibratone, Vintage Tremolo, Sine Tremolo, Ring Modulator, Step Filter, Phaser, Pitch Shifter
9 delay effects: Mono Delay, Mono Echo Filter, Stereo Echo Filter, Multitap Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Ducking Delay, Reverse Delay, Tape Delay, Stereo Tape Delay
10 Reverb Effects: Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Room, Large Room, Small Plate, Large Plate, Ambient, Arena, Fender '63 Spring Reverb, Fender '65 Spring Reverb
Stereo series FX loop
Chromatic tuner
1/8" aux input
1/8" headphone jack (doubles as a speaker-emulated line out)
USB port
Black textured carbon tweed vinyl covering with silver grille cloth
Includes 4-button footswitch
Includes Fender Fuse software for on-screen parameter control, deep editing, unlimited preset storage, online patch swapping, and easy firmware upgrades
Includes Ableton Live Lite Fender Edition and AmpliTube Fender LE Edition software


A great feature with these amps is not only the ability to have amp modelers, but also the stompbox models as well. This gives you a real feel for tossing a overdrive pedal in front of a Fender style amps.These amps sound particularly good with Fender guitars. I like hearing this amp with a Fender Stratocaster or a Charvel. I like hearing the low to medium bodied woods with these particular amps.

Another great features in running your speaker simulated output direct into a recording device or house PA system. I think the amp sounds the best when in this situation. Running the direct out into the mixer sounds best in my opinion.


This amp is super loud. Coming in at 150 watts this little combo will knock you on your butt. This is also a more expensive unit for the amp modelers. At new these units come in at around $299. sort of on the high side for these types of amps.

I would recommend this amp for someone who needs a head to go with an existing cab. I would not buy this head first. Then you would be more likely to get the matching cab which is ridiculous as well.

FireMuse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Excellent amp!"

Fender Mustang V Head
This is a Mustang V amp modeling. This is the latest and most powerful model in the range "Mustang" Fender.
He teamed up with a firm and 4 * 12 2 * can deliver 75 watts and 200 watts stereo to mono.
It is quite heavy but it is quite correct for head amp!
The cabinet is composed of four Celestion Vintage 30 hp and comes with castors for easy transport (but not suitable for outside -> rubber wheels!) The firm has wide cuffs on the sides for easy portability nice and I must admit that it is very convenient!
The set is very sturdy and well built, everything is impeccably screwed and glued the excellent work!
For the rest of the amp and cabinet are made in china but have no defects, screen is well lit and of good quality.
Knobs and knob are securely installed no risk they leave! They are pleasant and well adjusted!
Finally in terms of functionality, while around 100 presets defined by 5 criteria: use the amp (14 amp: clean, crunch, distortion, blues, metal ... All styles spend!) The Stromp (effect main: overdrive, fuzz, wah, compression, effects of this type 7) mod (chorus, flanger, tremolo, phaser effects ... 10 crazy enough!) the delay (delay diffrérents type: tape delay, mono delay, a lots of delay very well done! delay 9 in total) and reverb (reverb 10 in total)
Presets with names and numbers can be changed at will to, starting from a preset can be optenir THE sound you want!
In these 100 presets there are presets country, blues, rock, metal, live ... And a lot of good things that you marvel at every time you turn on the amp!
To summarize this amp is well made with a wide range of features and a decision in the hands of more simple!
It is also equipped with an auxiliary of great use to connect a mp3 or a laptop and work or exercises his piece with sound support at the same time! Covers for it is great!
Comes with a CD allowing us a bit pointless in any case Fender Fuse downloaded that will change the order of presets and preferances, pushing even further the already extraordinary capabilities of this amp!
A Crankset 4 buttons is also included and allows little direct loan any of his toes or the effects chosen, the selected preset or even agree with adequate integrated small tool! In short, a crankset that will more than happy to be on stage for his rapidly change presets or at home for not having to move is to change the sound.


The manual is useless casiment: it's plug-and-play! It should be a slight adjustment period, but after a few minutes we understood the basics and can start playing!
There are 7 knobs "hats" that can adjust the sound, gain, master, these knobs are also a adjust the treble and midrange serious independantly of the selected preset!
I just wish that the base preset ignition is a big distortion well buggers a clean or crunch would have been more fun especially when you are trying to install and each friction rope triggers a large sound!
I do not yet used for concerts but this should come! Anyway the amp sound broadly covers a battery even with a drummer pissed and does not saturate in its clean sound even with a 8/10 of its power (I'm not climbed higher I yours is still my ears!)
I Tenai foremost in choosing a head + cabinet because it allows me to more easily adjust the amp and can only buy a head lamp was soon without having to buy a speaker or have 2 combos ... I am very satisfied with the same amp sipour I use it a Mustang III or IV would be ample ENOUGH! (For now!)


I play with an Epiphone Les Paul and now I am EXTREMELY satisfied sounds optenues whether clean or distortion!
Nirvana playing a lot of Muse and Rage Against the Machine but also blues to Stevie Ray Vaughan and even a bit of Jimi Hendrix, this amp is perfect for all the sounds and styles yet very distant from each other!
Simulations are very good I could listen to the real amps stores and simulations can not see the difference in 90% of cases! I'm still trying my sound and this amp makes me all crazy without having the slightest pedal! I was able to discover and use the most basic effects such as fuzz, the delays, and the chorus me strikingly close to the sound of my favorite bands!
I think the big plus is the versatility of this amp because it offers a huge range of sounds that can have fun while progressing in good conditions, even if this amp is designed for more scenes for the house .. .
We can thus spend large amp very fat and very heavy has a little funk or blues clean lens must be a joy to play with a single coil Telecaster!
I am completely satisfied with the sound and quality that has no equal as extreme versatility of this amp!


I use this amp for a little over a month and I fell in love! Both versatile, elegant and providing excellent simulations, the Mustang V is a valeure sure I'm not ready to change! Comes with a 4 button pedals very well designed and a CD containing a manual push and the Fender Fuse handy, this amp has it all and to delight our ears that his request!
I hesitated a lot between this amp and a tube amp the same budget and now I do not regret that choice at all! I indulge with its versatility although its size is not always practical!
I remake this choice with your eyes closed if you are a beginner and you play a little while waiting to find your sound go for this amp is for you! If you do not make a scene or idea that a head a head lamp + modeling + a 4 * 12 cabinet do not try to steer you the Mustang III or IV offers the same features sound more cheaply!
The value is a staggering both in design, ergonomics and sound quality! Buy, unpack, play!

(+) Its Versatility
(+) His Power
(+) Quality of sound
(+) The very low price for a head and cabinet 4 * 12 (Celestion Inside)

(-) I do not see any great despite its size is quite impressive!

cedric.fabre46's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A transistor amp"

Fender Mustang V Head
We will not repeat what he has already indicated


Simple to use, the system presets is not bad except that when you switch a preset, you must be careful turning the knobs later because the position of the knobs are obviously not preset (I do not know if I'm clear)


It does not quite fit my style of rock / hard rock.
I play with a Ibganez Roadstar II 1983 and Dean Evo Special Select with a micro SD handle and Dean SH4 easel, his clean one is surprised that sounds not too bad in crunch that go softly against saturation by is cold, horribly cold, and that with any guitar I've tested it.
I think also to try with amt SS20 to see if it improves the sound.


I've had about three months ... I tried a few other models that are not necessarily better except good tube amp, but remain in the comparable.Je do not think it sounds better than Berhinger vampire.
What I like the most is the look and must recognize that for the price, the finish is very nice.
Level value, it is correct, but you can not expect miracles to price point.
With experience, if my wallet allowed, I will not go to choice.

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A stunning try for the price of emergency non-party price"

Fender Mustang V Head
Any modeling amp transistor 2 * 75 watts
1 guitar input
Aux 1 (mp3 ..) to mini jack
1 phones output with simulated cab ..
1 mini USB

Back View
2 stereo outputs 75 watts 8ohm
2 FX send
2FX return
2 taken footswitch (4 and 2 buttons)

Models a dozen fender amp a marshall vox 2 (70 'and 80') and sounds inspired by modern + Mesa Boogie
The effects are classic comp / overdrive / fuzz / autowha / phaser / tremolo / flanger reverb and delay ...
For me it lacks a line-out that would not cut the audio signal to speakers (I say this but I have not tested on the head if the fact of the plugger cut output HP Phones .. but that's how is described on the combo .. so to check on my head but I have a little bit lazy)


Configuration is very simple knowing that when you chose the amp on the small LCD screen, and any such pedals can be adjusted like a normal amp volume gain of reverb and the EQ knobs on .. It press Save and hop is registered ...
The edition is further simplified with the software fuse when the receiver is plugged into the computer .. You click one button or buttons on the amp and it moves on the screen .. you save, you make backups, we get little sounds and the tracks via the internet back .. It's really well done ...
The manual is adequate but amber .. At the limit it is more difficult to use the three modes of the pedal because you have to know what they are ...
Mode 1 favorite sounds + tuner
Banks Mode 2 + - and dozens
Mode 3 1 + switch by its effect (Stomp Modulation Delay)


The clean sounds "fendériens" are really bluffing I never played legends on the amps that are "emulated", but the sound is clear, slamming rich, not aggressive ... Good feeling really nice attack also (j ' I had a pod Live, I could not get clear sounds coming out of the mix without tearing the ears ..)
Marshall plexi sounds are also good and quite similar to the originals ..
The vox are top
The mesa can be a little tad below but frankly very useful
I also think it depends on the speaker that you go out .. I have a Vintage 30 in 212 that adds a trunk in my ..
All my guitars are happy when I'm plugged into the amp, are great with my Start, my or my excalibur Luke ...
I bought this amp for clean sounds and I'm not disappointed


I use it for 10 days, I tried it in a cabinet in a sound system in the computer I made a small benefits with nickel
This is the first head I have, I use a digitech 2101 with a peavey 50/50, before I had a ValveKing before a live pod, digitech 350 in a sound system .. Before a JMP1 with Quadraverb .. .
What I like is the compact side: the head is in the 13 kg are the effects on the amp in a cabinet Plugge one connects the pedals and roll my chicken ...
The value for money is most excellent, I would do without hesitation that choice!

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