PreSonus FaderPort Classic
PreSonus FaderPort Classic

FaderPort Classic, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from PreSonus in the FaderPort series.

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All user reviews for the PreSonus FaderPort Classic

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 23 reviews )
 9 reviews39 %
 11 reviews48 %
 2 reviews9 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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sw80's review"Connect it and use it"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
The PreSonus FaderPort is a 1 channel USB Fader that has transport controls. It only cost 129 and can be purchased at almost any retailer online or in store. For it to be such a low priced unit, it sure is well built. It was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be, I expected a cheap plastic feel to it, but I was wrong it is nice and heavy. The FaderPort has Pan control, record enable, mute, and solo on it. There is also a foot-switch port (foot-switch not included) for punching in and out quickly and hands free.

The FaderPort will work with your Mac or PC. I have used it on my Windows 7 system and on my Macbook and it never gave me a problem with either one. I have used it with a number of different DAWS and it seems to work great with whatever I use it with. I use it the most in Logic Pro though.

You just connect the FaderPort to your computer through USB and start using it. It is very simple and just in case you need the manual it does come with one that is easy to understand and use if you need it. This device is very portable and can be taken with you wherever you need it to be. That is the reason why I was sold on this one because it seemed to be more portable and plug and play like than some of other ones that I have used.

There are not tricks with the FaderPort, it works exactly like it is suppose to and it is truly plug and play (once you have the drivers installed which only take a few minutes). It is not an interface, there are no ins and outs on it. It is strictly a 1 channel fader. So if you already have an interface and just need a fader with transport controls you won’t find any other ones that are built like this for this price. It is a must buy.

yoTrakkz's review"nice and easy to use"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
I Read up on this item an decided to give it a try. This being my first presonus component. The drivers that come with it just do not work on some daw platforms. Mine being cubase studio 4.1. Just had some very weird reactions. At any rate the unit is very sturdy and the slider is smooth and all buttons solidly built. Contacted presonus about the problem, after a little prying I got them to send me a v1.2 beta driver for my cubase system. Everything works as it should after the update. I'm told when cubase did thier update, they changed some coding that presonus had to then rewrite the drivers to correct. At any rate, after that rocky start, this has to be the best thing other than growing another hand! It's very intuitive to use (and I'm left handed) the touch sensitive slider saves tons of mousework on volume control and the other controls are very usefull to speed up the workload. Highly recommend this item, but make shure you don't get frustrated out of the box until you get the correct updated driver.

All of the features work very well except for the pan control. It is either very jumpy or very precise, and sometimes jumps between being both. The only other thing I see wrong with the faderport is that the fader scrapes against the sides (very slightly) when reading automation. This doesn't seem to have any negative effects besides being slightly annoying.
Other than that it works flawlessly, and responds instantaneously, which is the most important factor.

This is an excellent product. FaderPort utilizes the same ultra high-quality Alps fader that is used in professional control surfaces and digital mixing consoles costing 200 times the price including DigiDesign's D-Command. The fader is very high quality and performs as promised. I only need, and would rather have, one very high quality fader than multiple lesser quality faders.

Des notes et du bruit12/24/2010

Des notes et du bruit's review"The basic needs"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
I've had it for three weeks.
I just looked at the bcf 2000, but I did not need as many faders.
I like: the motorized fader, the fact that it takes little room, the whole "all in one" concept, its simplicity, robustness, its look.
I dislike: having some troubles to make it work with Live (you have to carrelully follow all the steps), the pan knob  infinite that is not precise enough.

I would buy it again without hesitation, very good value for money.


MGR/Czar's review"Presonus FaderPort"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
The faderport is a compact desktop daw controller with a motorized fader for automation.

I switched to this unit from the behringer contril surface bcf2000. The faderport is $129 brand new, I got it for $80 off craigslist. Though the bcf2000 has 8 motorized faders, no led screen to know what track you are on can get confusing when banking through tracks. Since the faderport only has one fader I always know what track I'm on.

The unit has a nice compact size to it. It doesn't take up much space on my desk. The fader feels good and responds well. I've tested it with Logic 8 and Pro Tools 8. Works great in Logic! and is very easy to set up. Actually there is no set up. Logic sees it upon starting the program and your good to go. Way to go presonus. Pro Tools has dedicated mix and edit which are really nice if you main DAW is pro tools. The fader response is the second best I've seen on a control surface, the first would be the euphonix controllers, which are way more in price to the faderport. So for the price I feel you can't beat the faderport.

Logic worked great Pro Tools however acted a little funny, as expected. Since the faderport tricks Protools into thinking its a HUI device (which is the protocol Pro Tools uses for its control surfaces) I didn't expect it to work flawlessly. Sometimes buttons won't respond and I have to unplug the usb connection to restart the unit.
Also the buttons feel stiff to me, this may get better after continued use.
My final gripe is firmware update process. I downloaded the newest drivers and tried to check the firmware but that turned out to be frustrating, the unit just react like the manual said it should for when checking or installing the latest firmware.

Build quality is nice, besides the stiff buttons I do not have any complaints.

for $129 for a motorized fader you can not beat the faderport. Since it has one fader you always know what track your on. Also note that the motorized fader will not work unless its getting electrical power, however the unit will work with just usb power. This is a great way to do some manual automation with a fader for an affordable price.

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songboy's review

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
What I like most about the Fader Port is that it has made my mixing so much more organic and easy by getting me away from the mouse and giving me all the control I need over every channel strip in my DAW.  The big selling point on this guy is the motorized fader.  I own a few different Midi keyboards that have assignable faders on them.  While it is convenient to have a bunch of faders on my keyboard, none of them are motorized, which means that in order to get the DAW to respond to the fader, I need to move the fader on the keyboard to the position of the fader in the DAW.  This can be very very very tedious and more often than not, cause you to lose the position the fader in the DAW was in, which means you to figure that out again.  ANNOYING.  Well, that problem is solved with this unit.  The only thing I have found to be annoying on this product is for some reason, I can't access the last three channel strips in my DAW.  It matters not if I have 10 channel strips or 20, its always the last three.  Its probably something I am missing as I haven't referenced a manual yet (bought it used and it didn't come with one).  I got this for only $60 which is about half price so I am very pleased about that.  Times are tight so I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it, not that its not worth it, I just couldn't afford that much right now.  If I had the money, I wouldn't bat an eye when buying this new.  Presonus makes some pretty nice gear despite the fact that it is usually affordable.  This is no exception, the fader is long throw style and very smooth.  The buttons all respond very well but they can be a little "clicky," as opposed to a nice soft rubber button, these click very loud and are plastic.  This unit has no effect on sound quality so that question is irrelevant.  Besides M-audio keyboard controllers, this is my first midi mixing controller.  Yes, I would definitely buy this again.  I hope they release the same exact product but with 12 or more faders, that would be awesome.

moosers's review

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
The PreSonus Fader Port is a motorized MIDI based mini control surface, designed for use with your digital audio workstation. It is nice and small and is perfect for controlling your basic functions without having to control everything inside the box. This controller has a single fader, transport buttons like rewind, fast forward, stop, play, and record, as well as options for automation, channel selection, mute, solo, record ready, and pan. It also has buttons for window viewing options and other transport functions. This model is very easy to use and is quite helpful if you are looking to go outside the box and use some actual buttons. It is perfect for those on a budget who don't want to get a full fledged control surface either for price reasons or size. The PreSonus Fader Port is easy to move around and is also great for the portable studio. The price of the PreSonus Fader Port is probably the best part, as it is aimed at home studio owners more than the professional studio owner. PreSonus makes some good products at a cheap prices, and this is another great innovation from the company. While this isn't the most sturdily built piece of equipment, if you treat it right it should last a while. The look of the PreSonus Fader Port is pretty nice, with all types of colors and flashing lights that will be sure to impress the clients. Everything is laid out smartly and is easy to find, making it easy to use overall. While I don't always use all of the functions possible on this unit, I find that it is worth it to use for the basic transport and fader options alone. All in all, the PreSonus Fader Port is a nice little control surface perfect for home and small recording studio owners.

PhiBee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Content for my use"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
Use for over 2 years. Protools 9 at baseline and 10 currently on Macbook Pro 2012 and OS 10.9.

Accustomed to more pro solutions (ProTools HD2 with C | 24 in the post-prod), I was looking for a motorized fader and touch for use at home or mobile. After some research and user reviews, I stopped on the Faderport, and I do not regret it! Especially for the price that I wanted to put on and it cost me

I need to pre-mix or act on writing automation with other mice, especially being a musician and sound designer (shorts, institutional, museum, audio book) with me in my modest home studio.

I love its simplicity, its motorized fader, stability and transport functions or some other.
I would have liked to have a direct access to the first plug in insert key example, with a possible increment in the inserts of the selected slice. Especially since in protools, a button is unused. But I quibble!

If I would do this choice? Yes, definitely, especially for basic functions I was looking for; never had a problem with (I know for others on the other hand ...) even after a flash EPROM. Only a message from time to time (but rare) telling me that my périf is offline: just disconnect and reconnect the usb it works again (it takes 1s). But I have the same problems with my other devices (a master keyboard)

jeanpaulpollue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good stuff, but design could be improved under Live"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
I use it for 3 days with Ableton Live 8, and as you say I am completely satisfied.

For the same budget, I actually hesitated between AlphaTrack the BCF2000 and obviously FADERPORT.
But I found the Alphatrack may be a bit too cheap for my taste, as well as the BCF2000.

What I especially pushed this choice is the quality of the fader, it is extremely accurate with his fader 10cm long, its build quality and its silence.
And personal choices, the lack of space at home for a Mackie Control, and the fact that I often travel with my equipment for services outside of my home studio.

It is necessary to connect an external power supply to use the motorized fader, which is self-powered by USB, but that's the price to pay for a fader responsive, accurate and smooth.

It is said that on a lot of forums that it is not compatible with VST plugins, but there is in Live mode "plugin control."

That being said, it is sufficient to position on runway plugin to control; press the button Touch the FADERPORT to put in "control plugin" to navigate through the various plugins (there is no indicator to tell you what level you are, so be it head) with the left or right and then select the one you want to control with the Bank button.
Then you navigate through the various controls of the plugin in question with the left or right.

(The number steps to reach the desired setting can actually daunting one, which is why I advise you to directly assign the controls you want to Racks Instruments Live)

Once we understand how it works, we can finally use the fader (with a resolution of 1024 points I think) to control all the envelopes that you want!
Finished envelopes with the effects of stairs which sometimes can be heard

Finally, I would say that I struggled to make it work with Live, he had to go through several steps to update the firmware, understand that the material was not "natively" Live compatible and that it was necessary to go to Live carry a key combination to each ignition (all this was not indicated on the paper manual mode because obviously appeared to Live As a measure of firmware updates, so for all additional information, refer to the ENGLISH site)

I also regret that the potentiometer is notched pan ...

The price / quality ratio is very decent for what is proposed.
I remake that choice without hesitation if it falls behind.

yanki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A purchase of emergency for the mobile studio owners!"

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
I use it for one week.

I tried a lot of model before it, like the Behringer BCF 2000, a Euphonix MC Mix and even insipidity of big Euphonix console.

Pros: - the small size for mobility - strength and silence of the factor - functions for Logic and Pro Tools convenient

Cons: - price (even if it is worth it)

I think if like me, you look mobility (macbook pro) and one just bland (for follow-up of voices, and easier access to the features of Logic or Pro tools: although there are also shortcuts for that); FaderPort this will satisfy you 100%.

Compared with a BCF2000, no photo ... I much prefer to have the same price a good flatness held silent long years rather than 8 faders cheap noisy!
I think the factor more robust than the Euphonix MC Mix (very fragile).

Judge for yourself

matths's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FaderPort Classic
Used for 15 days.
I hsit with the Behringer BCF 2000. But I did not need a lot of faders.
The installation seemed so simple on the PC BCF. Fed to the computer! And indeed, zero-bp, the first installation of the driver and then update the firmware supplied with the file presonus site. Use in cubase 4 with perfect intgration the flow of soft.
Trs good design. Robust.
Relatively quiet engine of the fader.
J'hsite buy 2 notches so the buttons are convenient and intuitive shortcuts. Table mix, transport etc ... accessible by a button!
Damage to the rotary knob pan ... but ...
Excellent quality price.
I take back a case if a! <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" />