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  • Fender FV-1 Violin

    Fender FV-1 Violin - mooseherman's review


    This is an electric violin. I am not much of a violinist but I have a friend who is, and I asked him to try it out after I did personally. First I tried it, and I immediately noticed that the bow that comes with this instrument is lackluster at best.…

  • Fender FB-54

    Fender FB-54 - moosers's review


    The Fender FB54 Banjo is a pretty standard five string banjo as far as make up goes and is a good one at that.  It isn't an electric banjo of any sort so it doesn't have any pick ups or connections and I'm not sure where this instrument is made but I…

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano

    Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano - mooseherman's review


    What thing do you like most/least about it? The best thing about the Fender Rhodes in my opinion is the tone. It is a very unique keyboard that's been a favorite of all kinds of musicians for decades. It's got a rich, fat sound that is different from…

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano

    Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano - moosers's review


    I've been using the Fender Rhodes '73 electric piano for about five years. While not every studio or keyboard player has one, when I have access to one I will always try to use it when recording. Those who are familiar with this electric piano know i…

  • Fender FM-53S Mandolin

    Fender FM-53S Mandolin - moosers's review


    The Fender FM-53S sunburst mandolin is a nice little beginner's mandolin. I'm not sure where it was made, but I don't think it was made in the USA. It is a regular mandolin with the normal body and amount of frets. It is not an electric mandolin, so …

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

    Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano - songboy's review


    I am writing this review in regards to a Fender Mark 1 series stage piano (1972-79, 88 keys suitcase). I purchased the Rhodes in 2003 used (of course) and at that time, I was just gaining interest in pianos. I would say that I used it pretty regula…

  • Fender FV-1 Violin

    Fender FV-1 Violin - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by pagamini/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I bought it secondhand and used it for five years. It was my first electric violin. This instrument has a sound box. Thus it quickly generates very unpleasant feedbacks as so…

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano

    Fender Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Piano - FP User's review


    73 keys, preamp, harp. Price paid 350 GBP This is it, that genuine Rhodes sound, better than any emulator. You don't even need to turn it on. Its old and electro-mechanical, so somewhat fragile, extensive support available on the internet though…

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