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Korg Other musical instruments user reviews

  • Korg SV-1 73

    Korg SV-1 73 - "Expressive, compact and resourceful."


    It's a full sized piano, with piano keys and all the bells and whistles in terms of connections, XLR or line outputs, midi in and out, sustain pedal, etc. Korg aimed this product at the professional piano player who needs various timbres at her dispo…

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - "A nice practice digital piano with some fun features. "


    The SP-250 is an 88 note, weighted key digital piano with its own built in speakers and plastic music stand attachment. The keyboard is of plastic construction, with rubber buttons and a metal stand to hold it up. The keybed itself is Korg's "RH3" wh…

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - "Excellent choice for an student"


    I bought my SP250 when I first started studying piano back in 2008. As a student of orchestral conduction, I was looking for an instrument that could help me as a tool. I looked into cheaper options (such as Privia, some Yamaha, some other Korg model…

  • Korg MA-30

    Korg MA-30 - "KORG MA-30 METRONOME - Wish it was louder"


    Ok so what can you say about a Metronome, it should keep time and have a good range of speeds, this one does that from 40 to 208BPM. Instruction manual is very good and explains the features in enough detail to understand. It looks good and appears…

  • Korg SV-1 73

    Korg SV-1 73 - "Vintage Digital Piano's"


    The Korg SV-1 is a very good digital electric piano. I have been using it for years, a friend has one at his house. Even though I am not a great pianist its still good for me to get to use it from time to time just to work a little bit on my skills. …

  • Korg C-5000

    Korg C-5000 - "affordable keys"


    I've been using the Korg C 5000 for about ten years and it was one of the first keyboards that I ever used. Because of its extremely small size and mini keys, it is great for kids to play and learn on. While it is somewhat limited in its variety of …

  • Korg SP-250

    Korg SP-250 - "ok for a beginner"


    I bought an SP250 to use primarily for stage. I was looking for an 88-key controller that feels good, with at least decent piano sounds, without paying for other bells and whistles I didn't need (sequencers, audio recording features, etc). The SP250 …

  • Korg SV-1 73

    Korg SV-1 73 - "Vintage is a plus.."


    The Korg SV-1 73 is a very high quality compact and portable digital piano that is vintage. So get rid of all that bulky vintage gear and go with the KorgSV-1 73. This board has very high quality sounds for such a little board its very powerful. The…

  • Korg SP-170

    Korg SP-170 - "Just a home piano."


    The Korg SP 170 is a rather striking entry level digital piano, in that it has no buttons on it! It looks like an instrument instead of a machine. Visually, the SP 170 is a thing to behold, and the way the chassis itself feels screams quality when co…

  • Korg SV-1 73

    Korg SV-1 73 - moosers's review


    The Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano is a digital electric piano that features a variety of high quality sounds. It's designed to be a replacement for bulky vintage keyboards, giving you a ton of control and modern features while still maintaining a re…