Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss HR-2 Harmonist

HR-2 Harmonist, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Boss.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 7 reviews )
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 3 reviews43 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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yoTrakkz's review"very classic pedal"

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Te Boss HR-2 Harmonist is a great pedal for harmonizing that has been out for years, we still use this pedal and have been for over ten years and it works great!


I use a Yamaha guitar And I warm up with all the lights of my Fender Hot Rod. I would glue before OD and distortion, and my clone Fuzz Factory afterwards. Why then? Because the fuzz has a dirty sound that does not fit well with the harmony and function is more appropriate to detune sounds a little neat. However much the Super Bend distorts the sound, but before the fuzz is great!


Super Bend is why I bought this gem at the base. So the famous Whammy effect, we hear from Rage Against the Machine and especially for Muse! I was interested also to a tone bender or more sounds Clavinet example (oh yes another icon that uses the Whammy: Hervé Salters). It is possible to adjust the bend on a number given octave, tone, an octave above, below a (mono or right and left!) And modulations funny.

With the Detune I use a clean sound or a slight overdrive (I use the BD-2) is wonderful! The effect is to double what you play the same thing slightly above or slightly below, as if you were given a fraction of discordant tone. We choose the fraction of a tone above and / or above, the balance and then ... Enjoy! After I get my distortion sounds to give some interesting synth pads with my guitar.


I like the originality and quality sound effects and Detune Harmony. At the beginning I did not like the harmony because it is clear in his ugly, you really learn to use it wisely, I think she is great! I sought a Whammy effect and Im not disappointed, great! I highly recommend you try this out, and for the price you really cant beat what you get with the quality of this box. You will love it for sure. Buy It!

iamqman's review"Another one bites the dust"

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Boss came out with this harmonizing pedal back in 1994 and it was a pretty big hit. This pedal had some good functions to hit that made it fun to find great octaves harmonies with two different harmonies. This pedal was design for guys to find interesting new effects to add to their rig. this pedal unlike most effects including delay, phasers, chorus, and flangers this effect tackled the need to take an existing guitar line and double or triple it with a chorus of harmonies. This would essentially give you a wide range of possible tones within one little pedal.



Effect level knobs for A/B: These knobs are used to independently adjust the volumes of parts A and B. If either of the knobs are turned completely off, then you only have a 1-part harmony instead of a 2-part harmony.
Voice switches A/B: These knobs adjust the harmonic interval of voices A and B. You can select any of the following setting for each voice, A or B, independently: -1 octave, -6th, -5th, -4th, -3rd, detune, +3rd, +4th, +5th, +6th or +1 octave.
Key switch This knob allows you to select the key that corresponds to the song being played. The HR-2 then creates 1-part or 2-part harmony parts automatically.


Controls: E. Level, Voice A switch, Voice B switch, 12-way Key Switch
Connectors: Input, Detector In, Output A, Output B, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 75 mA (DC 9V)
Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


You can set this pedal up to match the key to which you are playing and allow that harmony to either be played above your octave or below the octave and the great feature of having one play above and below at the same time. This was great for getting Brian May/Queen type harmonies. Queen used to pull off vocals harmonies and Brian May would also pull off guitar harmonies and used a pedal similar to this one to get that effect.

I find this pedal suits best for lead line playing. I don't really like how it sound when you play a full chord. It sound very unique and interesting when you are soling or playing some sort of lead playing. It is a fun pedal and can give you hours of exploring different tones and effects.


This pedal is not disconnected and is only available on the used market. You can check the classifieds for what they are going or you can pickup the newer model the Boss PS-6 which has an array of features that top this pedal. I feel that the newer one is more user friendly and has more to offer the guitarist.

moosers's review

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
The Boss HR-2 Harmonist is a pretty unique and interesting harmonization pedal designed for use with electric guitar. While this is suitable with any electronic instrument, I've only used the pedal with electric guitar, so this review will be focused on this application of the pedal. The pedal has two 1/4" inputs and outputs, and can be powered by either a nine volt power supply or battery. The HR-2 was discontinued about ten years ago and isn't rackable since it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the Boss HR-2 Harmonist offers up a lot of options, but I didn't find it hard to use at all. Like all Boss pedals of this size, it has four separate parameters. The HR-2 has knobs for effect level, voice A, voice B, and one for choosing the key you want for harmonizing within. It has a lot different keys, but not all as it doesn't offer up any sharps or flats, but does have minor and major. I've never seen a manual for the pedal, but unless you're a beginner or are having some sort of technical problem, I don't believe that one would be necessary.


I've used the Boss HR-2 Harmonist in tandem with a Fender Stratocaster and a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier. This should work pretty much the same no matter what type of set up you are using it with, as I don't feel that it would respond differently in different rigs like an overdrive pedal might. As far as how the pedal sounds, this definitely does its job quite well. While maybe not the most realistically used pedal in all situations, when it does work, it works very well. It has a pretty clean sound quality overall like most Boss pedals, but doesn't have the best tracking, which could be one of the reasons it was discontinued.


While the Boss HR-2 Harmonist is no longer being made, the same idea is in a new pedal known as the PS-5. However, if you'd like to get the HR-2 as it has some features not found on the PS-5, I'd bet you could find them used, but it might cost you a bit of money as these aren't the most readily available pedals. I'd encourage those interested to do some research on the HR-2 as well as the PS-5 and other harmonizing pedals to see what might work best for you...

MGR/Steve's review"Boss Boss HR-2 Harmonist"

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
I bought a Digitech Whammy a year ago because I needed a harmonizer, but the whammy is only a basic harmonist, you have to do most of the work yourself. I was always looking to buy the HR-2 but could never find one, Boss discontinued them back in the late 80's. I finally found the HR-2 a few weeks ago at a pawn shop that I was going to sell a few of my pedals to, and the HR-2 is in perfect condition! Not a scratch on it and works flawlessly! The pedal I have has to be at least 15+ years old and still be in almost perfect shape and work like new, you know Boss is doing something right when their pedals last for years and years. The HR-2 didn't come with the box or manual, but I really don't need either, as long as the pedal works and looks great. Mine cost me about $126, I don't know how much they went for new back then, but if you find this pedal buy it right away, you will probably never get a chance to buy one again unless you get it off ebay. I tried out Boss's other harmonizers, the PS-3, which is only a basic harmonist with delay (why did they add in delay and get rid of the key you are playing in to make the pedal an intelligent harmonizer?) I also tried out Boss's new PS-5, it really isn't work it at all, doesn't sound as good as the HR-2 and costs more than it should. The PS-5 is really a crappy version of a Digitech whammy put in compact pedal form, which wasn't a good idea.

1st off, if you put the HR-2 after your distortion, you better get a Y cable to put into the detector in, because the distortion will distort your signal and the HR-2 will have a hard time figuring out what note you are playing and what note it should be playing, which produces a wierd sound, stray notes ringing on and off trying to hit the right note it should be playing. But, if you use a Y cable or use a tuner pedal that is 1st in your setup, use the 2nd output to go to the detector in input of the HR-2, then use the 1st output on the tuner to go to your other pedals so when you use the tuner it mutes your guitars signal when using the tuner. If you use the detector in from a tuner that is 1st in your setup, you won't have any problems, the HR-2 will hit every harmony on the dot, such a great pedal to have and use, especially if you know how to use it right like I do, then you can play things that would take an extra one or two more guitarists to play with you. The pedal has two voices, voice A and Voice B, you can pick any interval for either one, from 1 octave below, 6th below, 5th below, 4th below, 3rd below, detune, 3rd above, 4th above, 5th above, 6th above, and 1 octave above. Voice A and B have their own separate volume also, so you could use one or both harmonies. As long as you know what key you are in and what interval you want to use and what sounds best with what, you won't have any problems. You can get amazing sounds out of this pedal. Using this pedal, you can play stuff that would really take 2 or 3 extra guitarists to play, that's if they could even handle it themselves. That's why I had to buy this pedal, I can't find anyone else who can handle actually playing guitar, I'm not talking about little power chords and 4 notes solos, I'm talking about real, full chords with occasional power chords (with the 3rd in there), twin lead guitar riffs and solos, and melodic solos and also fast, crazy solos that most can't play or ever even seen some soloing techniques. The HR-2 takes care of me searching for another guitarist for now, it can handle playing in 3rds with me either on the rhythm part and solos. You can get the best sounding harmonies with this pedal. The tracking on this pedal is really good as long as you use the detector in.

I wish Boss would bring them back into production! They haven't made a single good harmonizer after the HR-2, the PS-3 is basic and the PS-5 is basic and intelligent, but you can only add one voice since they added in the stupid whammy bar sounds.

This pedal is proof that Boss makes some of the best pedals, my HR-2 is over 15 years old and works like new and looks like a brand new pedal. Most vintage pedals are a lot better than new digital crap.

The HR-2 is Boss's 1st and best harmonizer, you can add in 2 voices. The PS-3 and PS-5 only adds one voice. The digitech whammys are all basic pitch shifters. The difference between basic and intelligent pitch/harmonists is this. Basic: simpler pitch shifter that adds in the interval you select to your signal, it adds the interval in directly without harmonizing it with the key you are in. Intelligent: detects you signal pitch and adds correct harmony(s) to the notes you play. An intelligent pitch shifter does take more musical knowledge to use rather than a basic pitch shifter. Bottom line: The HR-2 is the best intelligent harmonizer you can find that is in pedal form. It can almost take the place of 1 or 2 more guitarists, but takes some thought and musical knowledge. You're not going to find a pedal better than or like the HR-2.

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Pepitow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Purchase by mistake but great!"

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
This is simply a harmonizer!

Volume knob 2 rings combining volume guiatre signal and voice volume, voices are adjustable via two knobs assigned and 1 knob-end choice. 2 jack inputs (input and detect in that I do not use) and 2 outputs (mono or stereo).


Config a bit complicated at the beginning when you know anything especially without manual (purchase of Cygnus) but with Youtube tutorials and "feeler" you get there, editing is easy once you freelance stuff! Range is selected (when you know ... not too too my case) on which to play that harmony takes place, not easy when you have no knowledge of music theory! After the rest is pretty simple (balance of volumes and choice of voice tones).


So personally, I Gourre in buying. I wanted a Boss PS-6 to 5 with guitar solos in his p

By linking the ads I misread, and two pedals are the same color and in the same category ... dumpling! So at first very disappointed, I fall more on a knob ranges that I do not understand ... in short, disillusionment and desire to suicide when I realize that this is a HR-2 ...

I thought resell afterwards (because I do not have the utility of a harmonizer, especially since I barely still get good sounds out of this pedal supposed to not knowing my lines).
And finally I care for, locating the voice at noon, and leaving on a trivial range, we get a sound that I really appreciate in CLEAN and simple micro / split: chorus slightly, slightly delay, phaser and all slightly a little glitz, a little kind of clean sound of hard / glam / heavy 80's (the cleans that can get us in some Van Halen songs like Poundcake). So a mistake, but that allowed me to get the sound I was looking for clean for so many years!


I use it for several months, this is my first harmonizer, but ultimately I do not use it for its primary function, more for its sound with the voices at noon clean. THE clean sound I was looking for, it is only why I care.

Logically good value for money after it's a little expensive for the use I have but good, the sound is there! Experience with this choice I would if I needed a harmonizer or if I wanted to find that particular sound in clean, a happy mistake!

Brikabrok's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small very nice effect"

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
This small effect is a Boss harmonizer, ie it will detect the note between, and superimpose a second, a third view which can adjust the shift in tone and volume for each voice added.
The voices are adjustable knobs assigned. Two jack inputs (a classic entrance and detect in, never used for me) and two outputs (mono or stereo).
Like many pedals, it is powered by 9V DC center negative power supply standard and standard format boss so it fits great in a pedalboard even more time passes, I have a preference for input and output jacks on the above effect. Mine is a pink label.


The operation is relatively simple but requires essential to know its range, under penalty of being extremely disappointed. Getting started is easy, but they put a lot of time to find his own sound since the great possibilities of combination of voices. An edition of its fairly easy but requires that one is interested enough ready anyway.
Having bought the pedal used, I have no manual, just the box, but if its range is known, we can get by without worries.


The effect is very effective, it perfectly clear hears voices, care must be taken to only play one note at a time and make sure it is on the range, otherwise the effect a bit and slips " seeks "and it makes a sound quite unpleasant, so no agreement, and bends quite limited, which for me is her biggest downside.
I use a Gibson LP to inflate for solos, or light to give body to the game by simulating a second guitar. I do not like two voices, one more than enough.
Most of this effect when used with a fuzz or distortion, for my part I used my Pharaoh Fuzz and it's a great sound solo after with distortion is great too. One can easily find sounds the Queen or Ratatat.


I've had only a few months but it is very good indeed for me, but not an essential one that can give a very nice touch to his pedalboard. I confess to not having tried other harmonizers, just Octavers, but I am very pleased with this one for the use I have a PS6 propose me more features than I need. The holy grail would PitchFactor Eventide, but not in my budget.
This pedal fits great in my pedalboard and it's always a pleasure to use with my fuzz, it's a good value for money, and it's solid, though I'm not a fan of Boss , we must admit that on that side, nothing to say, it is built to last. This is an effect that i should still be used sparingly, otherwise it can become quite painful and tiring to listen to, but occasionally, it had its effect (pun muddy, sorry).
If I had the choice again I would definitely do it again, I am very satisfied.

Mambosun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss HR-2 Harmonist
Stros three effects pedals in one:

Align: up two playable all harmonies and settings separately.

De-Tuner / Chorus: When both buttons are rgls harmonization 12, great chorus even though I am far from being a fan of this l.

Octave: octave to the high notes + to a low notes for each of the two buttons of harmonization, all playable characters and settings separately.

Obviously we can mix two DIFFERENT effects at the same time, for example + Harmonizer Chorus.


The choice of the range of harmonization is not intuitive, especially for those who do not know solfge.
It ncessitera a lot of learning to express and achieve the desired effect.

Once found it's really a unique effect!

Impractical if the pedals up APRS and other effects: connect with a Y-jack connections and use the "In" and "Detection" to allow the HR2 properly detect the note jou e and thus produce the harmonization prcismment.


The effects are trs effective against a few limitations:

Align or position Octaver ago lgre latency which can be likened a lightweight effect "short delay", it n'altre not too sound but must be taken into account in its game, and ensure for example not to use it in addition to a delay.

The harmonization "suprieures" (button rgl APRS position 12) color the sound and make it a little synthetic, so make sure not to push the button of the effect of intensity too far .
on the other hand, it's a little "guitar-synthquot; is less pronounced for rglages in the forward position 12 and virtually disappears when used with distortion.

Not a test but I guess qualiseur paramtrique must effectively address the small default stamp.


I use it for a dozen years both in chorus, that harmonizing Octaver, I think it brings a spectacular solo, as it is abused or not.

She is also sometimes look for harmony in my compositions.

My only concerns the Reserved SETTING THE range of harmonization should be idalie Fawn transparent compltement automatic.

No problem of reliability report: the good, the beautiful, the Boss .....