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  • Orange PPC412C

    Orange PPC412C - "Laser beam awesomeness"


    There are a lot of things I could say about this cabinet. I've owned a few over the years, being an avid 4x12 collector and trader. I'm always searching for the best one I can find. When someone asks me "what is the best 412 you have played" I kin…

  • Orange PPC212C

    Orange PPC212C - " NAZE"


    Heard in concert: not so personally owned (and fortunately), I have tried a lot of speakers on which I played in concert and my homemade speakers. Big bass with V 30 it hides some things, they are deaf, smothered to death and precision dribbling 0/…

  • Orange PPC112C

    Orange PPC112C - " One of the best for the price"


    The PPC112 is a 1x12 cabinet birch plywood built around a Celestion Vintage 30 that can get up to 60W maximum power. The cab has an impedance of 16 Ohms and weighs 15 kgs. The quality is very surprising for a cab that price. The Tolex is well posed…

  • Orange PPC412C Compact

    Orange PPC412C Compact - " Very good speaker"


    - Design baffle similar to the design of the other speaker of this trademark. but instead of the usual V30 here we have hp designed by Orange. construction is Chinese but suffers no possible criticism. - I was not able to try it before buying be…

  • Orange PPC112C

    Orange PPC112C - " Best money I've ever report"


    Here is a mind-blowing baffle. For its price refund is impressive, much better than a marshall 2x12 I owned. The sound is still very mediums over a boogie 2x12 I have. Tested on a roadster head (mesa), then a dual terror (orange), I think it is d…

  • Orange PPC212OB

    Orange PPC212OB - " I love it!"


    I use it for 1 year Many low although the cabinet is opened the bass is really good Its clear or saturated sound is perfect! Passing to clear arpeggios as the big sound! The cabinet is heavy I used flight case if farewell my back! I wo…

  • Orange PPC212C

    Orange PPC212C - " Top"


    Construction at the top, 18mm thick 13-ply birch plywood ... 38kg with V30 ... The tough and back pay the price ... Closed cabinet. The cabinet is quite imposing H = 53 x W = 78 x D = 38cm for better sound projection (RRP = Power Projection Cabine…

  • Orange PPC412C

    Orange PPC412C - " Awesomeness!"


    I use it for 2 years now, replacing fire in my 4x12 Celestion 65W Kustom Quad. I needed a more punchy cabinet for my Fireball 100 and with a more modern sound spectrum, hence the choice to a baffle in V30 (initially I left the Marshall Dave Mustaine …

  • Orange PPC108

    Orange PPC108 - " Not great ..."


    I ordered it without trying to go with my good Vox Lil'NIGHTRAIN: motivated by his nice face, size contained the reputation of Orange and its low price. I said that I have tried with the Nightrain and it worked thus 1.2 Watts (as the PPC108 is an 8 o…

  • Orange PPC112C

    Orange PPC112C - " it does the job and does it well."


    Purchased new at a price gun on the net in a flash sale of a well-known dealer. connected either with AMT SS11 + EHX 44 or POD HD 400 + EHX 44. Much to say right now, the finish is really light. I do not think the overall reliability suffers, bu…