Orange PPC412C
Orange PPC412C

PPC412C, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

roguewillot63 04/06/2013

Orange PPC412C : roguewillot63's user review

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I use it for 2 years now, replacing fire in my 4x12 Celestion 65W Kustom Quad. I needed a more punchy cabinet for my Fireball 100 and with a more modern sound spectrum, hence the choice to a baffle in V30 (initially I left the Marshall Dave Mustaine but he was out, the coup d ' Orange have had the same price with a very commercial efforts of the store where I ordered!).
As you say it is difficult to criticize the quality of manufacture of the cabinet because it is the best of the best: good HP and concrete connectors, wiring, super clean, quality construction NAVAL birch plywood of 18mm thickness and the closed-back leaves nothing out the back (knowing that the panel is removable)! It weighs 50kg and has no castors, so plan roadies and then go in DIY store to buy heavy duty castors. Less bulky than 4x12 angle as the 1960 Marshall: it is more compact and stocky. Convenient for small chests! The sound is broadcast exclusively on a relatively small cone face, so plan your returns for zikos and think twice about your sound and placement. Do not hesitate to clear the rear panel if the concert is broadcast problem or you do not return (by reviewing your equation on the amp). you gain clarity and diffusion of environment, especially if the room is wider than deep. In the studio, it's pure happiness: a good quality microphone in front of any HP in a second room and it's gone.
The V30 is a little more sports to master, it spits in the upper midrange bottom and it saturates quickly so pay attention to your gain and treble. Do not fill too serious either, the baffle is already shielded and you have a bassist for!
With hindsight, the full config V30 is a bit gruff and you have everything to gain from plan to replace two HP models by warmer and less aggressive as Greenbacks example.
Oh yes and do it anyway gaffe in orange Tolex: this task quickly and tends to tear easily when the speaker takes shots so do not hesitate to buy a cover to keep it longer ;) Unless you like grunger your speakers as your jeans!