Orange PPC412C
Orange PPC412C

PPC412C, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

James... 01/28/2012

Orange PPC412C : James...'s user review

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There are a lot of things I could say about this cabinet. I've owned a few over the years, being an avid 4x12 collector and trader. I'm always searching for the best one I can find. When someone asks me "what is the best 412 you have played" I kind of laugh. Because there is truthfully no one answer to that question. The Orange PPC412 however, is definitely in the conversation for best 412 of all time. Personally I think it's in the top 10. Maybe top 5. Here's why.

What are the pros of the orange 412? Well for starters it is built exceptionally well. Very heavy and high grade birch is used on these. And They are quite heavy as a result. I have seen some that have been beaten to death and still are in good functional shape. They also have (arguably) the most present bass and low end of any 412 out there. This is both a blessing in a curse. The bass on these can be quite boomy at times if you have an amp that also has a lot of bass. It's not a tight bass cab. It's just very boomy on the bass and lower mids. If you have a marshall amp or something with a lot of high end, this might be the cab to get. It really handles that British overdrive stuff quite well and will warm up a JCM800 awesomely.

Unfortunately is is a terrible offender of laser beaming. It only really sounds great if you are right in front of it. A lot of half stacks have this issue but the Orange is possibly one of the worst. If you want a cab that will spread its sound out evenly, look elsewhere.

I have to say though, despite the directionality issue, this is a very good sounding cab. Especially if you like a lot of bass. Genre wise, I would say it does heavy metal and rock stuff very well. Other than that, it kind of depends on the amp. It is a picky cab. You need to try one to make sure it likes your style of music and your amp/guitar setup. But in the right situation, this thing hangs with the best.