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Viscount Organs user reviews

  • Viscount Intercontinental VS20

    Viscount Intercontinental VS20 - "Very good" has images


    I bought it used at a garage sale in October 2014, I use it at home during my spare time. With it, I aimed at finding again the joyful moments I had when, as a kid, I used to play with that belonging to our neighbour, which was quite similar to this…

  • Viscount DB 5

    Viscount DB 5 - "A lot of organ for the price!"


    The Viscount DB5 is a fully fledged drawbar organ of the type commonly referred to as a "Hammond Clone". It has two excellent quality 61-note manuals, of the "waterfall" type. Each manual has a full set of nine drawbars. There are also two draw…

Translated user reviews
  • Viscount Cantorum VI

    Viscount Cantorum VI - " Perfect in its category"


    Classic organ keyboard (liturgical) 61 notes. Type keyboard church organ, simulating the effect of valve (mechanical traction). 21 stops are divided into 3 sections: Bass (pedal) Accompaniment (story), Grand Organ. 4 styles organ (Baroque, Romant…

  • Viscount Imperial

    Viscount Imperial - le belgicain's review


    organ combo (intercontinental gem / viscount imperial) Double keyboard with preset drawbars and percussion. a dozen classic organ with keyboard sounds, with the addition of a piano preset and its sustain. percussion, piano and drawbars are only v…

  • Viscount DB 5

    Viscount DB 5 - " A very good clone of B3!" has images


    Everything is in the doc ... in German but the site VISCOUNT found what you are looking for. A 11 pin socket for external Leslie! UTILIZATION Big problem! The manual is provided in German! Fortunately, you can debug the manufacturer's website…

  • Viscount Cabaret Deluxe

    Viscount Cabaret Deluxe - " Organ cool"


    See the data sheet. No velocity sensitivity. No push buttons on the pedal. No MIDI. Polyphony "unlimited". I regret that there is no "break" on the drum rhythms and only 8, but hey it was the standard at the time. UTILIZATION I do not have the …

  • Viscount Vivace 40

    Viscount Vivace 40 - " Very good compromise"


    In the series of Viscount Vivace is the model that is in balance in terms of price, games and opportunities. Perennials have more for each model a bank of alternative games, in this case, the Vivace 40 has 110 games (counting the 31 games already ava…

  • Viscount DB 3 Module

    Viscount DB 3 Module - funkypopol's review


    DB3 exists in 2 versions: the expander and the keyboard version. The latter has more of a keyboard with 61 keys like waterfall (near the keyboard of a "real Hammond"), if not the specifics of the 2 versions are the same. DB3 is a clone of the Hamm…

  • Viscount JUBILEUM 61

    Viscount JUBILEUM 61 - noguix's review


    - 61 key organ without velocity. - Pitch by semitones (pitch shifter) - volume pedal - Connectivity: midi out Stereo Auxiliary Output headphone jack 40W amp - an internal speaker - Sounds: Monophonic bass Great Organ: Soubass…

  • Viscount D9e

    Viscount D9e - bmwk100's review


    M'tant spar my hammond XB2, I bought an expander I use this D9E viscount expander coupled by the midi keyboard roland and rgl not only split (upper full keyboard) as troisime keyboard. This expander VISCOUNT D9E is extremely simple use (6 prselecti…