INTERCONTINENTAL OP-6, Organ from Viscount.

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gomenol 10/31/2006

Viscount INTERCONTINENTAL OP-6 : gomenol's user review


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Audience: Beginners
The sound of a great organ for cheap. Curiously, however, difficult to find secondhand today, 20 years later. If we consider objectively all Hammonds are substantially or completely different depending on the model, the state (... and the musician behind!), The OP6 driven by a 122/147 or other quality s alignment, even today, in the category of "bluffing"! In addition, all parameters are adjustable to the left of keyboards, the latter being very nice to me, both in the quality of depression in accuracy. These, too, are a bit noisy, but keyboards with B3 to change the felts are many more. We are reassured as can be! In short, everything that is not accessible here, is in the belly of the beast, the V / C to the volume of each harmonic of each keypad, to the sensitivity of the expression pedal speed Leslie, etc ... Double flat, however, to simulate the Leslie, but "only in high speed." In short, a great organ to play with a quality cabin, Leslie if possible. In this configuration, simply copy the Registration B3 and them trying to get a real thrill "music".


The configuration is "could not be more simple," if we accept to have all controls on the left, then available only in left hand ... though ... which caused confusion may be some purists are missing details that have nothing to do with the final result! In short, we say, we can not act on the drawbars with the right hand while taking a deal. Hmm ... Perhaps it lacks a few presets in addition to the moaners? Okay, it seems that any organization that respects itself does not use more than 3, the Full, of course.


Again, it may happen a lot of time trying many settings that can change things at all ... By noon all the ecception of the overdrive, without asking more questions, the sound is definitely there. There will only open the belly of the beast, if we take "really" to personalize the issue, but ... Really complete, this organ does not fit into this category of "clones" that deepen excessive defects of the cartoon to look like ... which does not yet mean much when dealing with a Hammond prepared and properly adjusted. In short, a playable organ!
It seems that there are improvements between the first and OP3 OP6? To be confirmed, while wary of the organ "re-set."


Having had an old B3 "massacre" and a 122 in my years of Baloch and is now unable to buy such a sound, I found an OP6 used. Personally, I would not have sought a Korg, a taste of what I've heard and touched. In addition to playing every day and also by the group, I confess that my memories of B3 worn and dilapidated untransportable I do not miss more than the L122 that followed in desperation and I did not loved (no click, vibrato yuck, small keyboards "sharp", not 16 'or the lower straight ...).
In his right and apart from all the background noise due to the tone wheel (especially in the midrange and bass ...) and other condos tired, I find this sentiment a little organ "raw casting" output line. Even if we compare what is comparable, I'll play again this OP6 with great pleasure, even if I could afford, happily, a ... New B! Anyway, I will not sell the instrument for which I have an emotional attachment and who shares my intense moments in his new cabinet cherry wood veneer. When we know with what pleasure and "musicality" renewed Rhoda Scott played each B3, clone B3000 and other less positive, however, the OP6 is a beautiful organ, which also allows the music of very high quality. So, Organ base, base Organ, raw casting, to "walk" with a cabin, stomach, head and fingers.
I do not always explain the fact that it is so difficult to find used!? Too bad for beginners, when you only have to clean the pots and contacts go back to keyboards for 20 years of fun ... and more.