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Other acoustic-electric guitars news

  • [NAMM] Cordoba presents the Mini O-CE
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    [NAMM] Cordoba presents the Mini O-CE

    01/15/16 in Cordoba Mini O-CE

    Cordoba introduces the new Mini O-CE, the first of their Mini travel instrument models to offer a cutaway and pickup.

  • Danelectro reissues the Convertible
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    Danelectro reissues the Convertible

    03/19/15 in Danelectro Convertible 2015

    Danelectro connoisseurs will be happy to know that the brand reissues in 2015 its Convertible acoustic-electric guitar.

  • Ovation launches a limited edition Adamas

    Ovation launches a limited edition Adamas

    02/07/13 in Adamas Guitars 2080ES

    Ovation introduces the Adamas 2080ES electro-acoustic guitar, a limited edition Deep Contour model.

  • [NAMM] Godin 40th Anniversary Acousticaster
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    [NAMM] Godin 40th Anniversary Acousticaster

    01/18/13 in Godin 40th Anniversary Acousticaster

    Godin will celebrate at Namm the 40th anniversary of the guitar that made the fame of the brand with the limited edition Acousticaster.

  • Willcox Atlantis Thinline Edition

    Willcox Atlantis Thinline Edition

    12/09/12 in Willcox Guitars Atlantis Flame Maple

    Willcox Guitars introduces the Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar Thinline Edition.

  • Paul Brett Vintage Signature Models

    Paul Brett Vintage Signature Models

    02/11/12 in JHS VE8000PB

    Paul Brett has worked together with Vintage® guitars to create a pair of Vintage Paul Brett Signature electro-acoustics.

  • [NAMM] Ovation Yngwie Malmsteen Viper

    [NAMM] Ovation Yngwie Malmsteen Viper

    01/22/12 in Ovation YM68-RC Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Nylon

    Ovation introduces 2 new acoustic-electric guitars at NAMM: the Viper Signature Yngwie Malmsteen, with steel or nylon strings.

  • [NAMM] Ovation Standard Elite 2778AX-FKOA

    [NAMM] Ovation Standard Elite 2778AX-FKOA

    01/17/12 in Ovation 2778AX-FKOA

    Ovation introduces the new 2778AX-FKOA guitar to its Standard Elite Series.

  • [NAMM] New Godin Guitar Models

    [NAMM] New Godin Guitar Models

    01/08/12 in Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance

    Montreal based Godin Guitars is getting ready for the introduction of a number of guitars at this year’s Winter NAMM show.

  • Godin Multiac Series - Encore Nylon

    Godin Multiac Series - Encore Nylon

    05/13/11 in Godin Encore Nylon

    Made in Canada and introduced at this past Winter NAMM show, the Godin Multiac Encore Nylon is an instrument that offers players the features found in the Multiac electro-acoustic line-up.