Radial Engineering Bones London
Radial Engineering Bones London

Bones London, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

Cryingwolf15 03/12/2011

Radial Engineering Bones London : Cryingwolf15's user review

«  Of very very good Marschou! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Distortion pedal, two channels (one for rhythm, one for solos (in theory) in any case it is very practical boost free) with a common drive to two channels (the only default and c ' is frankly not a concern, I will explain later) a low and high EQ, EQ very sufficient one gets a nice range of sounds that stay on in the shade of this lovely pedal. As charming as the opinion of "zero-kill", I confirm, it's quality, good workmanship, solid buttons, Radial does not really make fun of us ... I look to other brands and I say that there are no pictures.
No coloration of the sound when turned off, and a beautiful color when activated, it's perfect.


The configuration is simple, effective EQ, the drive reacts very well on the manual, I liked a thorough description for the buttons "Bite" and "Kick" but it's a good looking details just 2 minutes you know on which position they prefer. What is really, really well but then, the LEVEL is independent for each channel. It provides many opportunities for solo or riff boost etc ...
There is nothing to blame on this point.


Here people come into the heart of the matter ... I can confirm everything that was written "zero kill" ... I would say even more is WWWOOOAAAHHH. The 2 channels each have their strengths Sonnora so choose become a dilemma. Channel 1 is more at ease on the rhythm while the 2 shines more on the solos, with its additions of mediums Audible is the slap on my config is soft and creamy hot soup as desired .. . for those who like dry solos (at Kirk Hammett eventually) channel 1 allows very good.
It is a Bristish tone, tell the truth I think we are on the Marshall plexi typed a bit with bass and treble adjusted assets that send without being garish. This distortion is not dribbling, rather straight, but it breathes, it is not on his arch-compressed, or choked ... well spring grain.
I do not hide it will give its full potential on a tube amp, it is a treat. After, at the time, I had a Marshall MG 100 DFX (wholesale bof arch), well this unit has managed to do sound good (in the limit of a transistor amp of course, but is not ringing easy for a GM).
I do not advise the metal or extreme music because it is not his field, drop D is good, but drop C minus.
Finally quality Audible, I can say it is punchy, the dynamic is very good (for a disto), nice grain on both channels.
I put a 9 for the 2 channels, one is on good quality Audible, and a feeling for the client (we) saw its expectations met, Radial is a trademark honest and we prove it.


I use it for 2 years, I have already a few steps back (and yet I still packaged as 2 years ago is crazy), I plugged four months on a transistor amplifier, and the rest on a tube amp, and there are no pictures on a tube amp, you do not blush before the material 2000euros.
I'm a pretty critical, but here I confess, it is my criticism to rest.
I tried other models, and I would not trade any other cons pédale.Je prefer to buy another to complete my set of sounds rather than sell it, it is peculiar, we must try to understand.
The pros: The sound, grain, 2 channel, its versatility in the register saturated (but not metal), its heat.

The -: we can talk about the common drive 2 channels, but no, this pedal is already very complete and very good, a second drive would be a whim because we cope very well without.

The value for money is good insofar as it is true that it is hard to spend 150 euros (but in the world of instruments is not ruined), but the key is that the material is really both finish by its sound qualities, then the password pillulle better (I have evidence for a radial recurrence texas overdrive, exellent too).
I would do this choice, I still have not managed to get tired (while as a guitarist as any guitarist, it tends to get used to its sound and a bit tiring, always look for other items améliorerer could this sound) when I use it all the time, but we do not get tired of it, it's probably because it is not just a gadget in a pedalboard, this is a true identity sound that marks the eardrums, a sound that is not exhausted in 2 years.