Radial Engineering Bones London
Radial Engineering Bones London

Bones London, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

pic&pulse 01/24/2012

Radial Engineering Bones London : pic&pulse's user review

«  The ultimate Guv'nor »

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Already seen. I said that the switch "Bite" varies the frequency response curve: less acute below; flat in the middle, lower than the top.
The switch "Kick" adds low mids.
Very nice workmanship.
Gain for each channel, it would still be really good ....


Seen from above, it sounds simple but we use a lot of possibilities to sculpt the sound, changes the "Bite" are complementary to the bass and treble knobs. If we add the boost low mids and two different colors for each channel, one realizes that there are ways to properly take the cabbage if you want to nitpick.
The EQ is very effective. Besides, if we put the switches at the bottom (Hi-cut and no boost) and you put the EQ on the left, the maximum output level is borderline low.
The rate of gain goes from almost clear to many, if not too much because it gets really rough spent the last third.
The build quality makes handling very nice. The jacks are frank, the knobs are nicely restrained, and it is beautiful.


Given the settings, this pedal will fit many amps (tested on Laboga, Peavey Classic, Mesa Studio, Bugera, I know that Fender tube .... Always with satisfaction).
For me the sound is in the spirit of the pedals, Marshall Guv'nor or Schredmaster 1 and 2 (I own or have owned) mediums characteristics of the brand, a good graouh families, although rock. Except that the sound has more presence here and the settings go much further. In short, it's more modern and successful.
I use it exclusively on the clean channel, I find its use in overdrive channel is not saturated with terrible loss of definition and bandwidth.
In fact, this pedal is very similar to a Guv'nor, with more of everything: more gain, more reserved bass and treble.


It is permanently embedded in my pedalboard in addition to my amp. Its role is to suggest a color "Marshall" when the song asks, and she did it beautifully, with a strong personality.
Very good integration in the mixes.
If you want to add a channel JCM your config, it's a very valid option.
The price is justified in view of sound quality and manufacturing.
A year later, I confirm.