Radial Engineering Bones London
Radial Engineering Bones London

Bones London, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

TAJ873 08/28/2013

Radial Engineering Bones London : TAJ873's user review

«  Power is nothing without Radial »

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The configuration takes a little time to adjust but when the brand is fast enough is known.
I had the Plexi, his big sister with a lamp, but lack of space on my PB I went on this smaller size.
Like all books that remained in the box impossible to comment.
I had the Plexi, his big sister with a lamp, but lack of space on my PB I went to this format


I use this pedal with a redline Godin and amp FXamps Litle Clean, also note that I alliment this one 12v. Has 2 distortion pedal most of the time the sound one for the rhythm and sound for 2 solo (very handy with separate volumes) but I use it more like a pedal with two separate distortion even if the sound is very close .
With a view to adjusting the gain is 1/3.
The sound has more than one grain, it is perfect for punchy rhythmic contrast to the two that I use for more calmer rhythm.
For solos I couple with OD and then I have a huge gain that can make good solo that spot. Preferably hold me on his expense but two songs.


I have over 3 months now and I do not regret her big sister, I even prefer this little pedal to the plexi. The sound is clear and is more precise.
The sound is still typed is not going anywhere but to rock - hard rock pedal that works wonders and when I pair with my OD I want to push her more.
I would do this choice without hesitation.