Radial Engineering Bones Texas Distortion
Radial Engineering Bones Texas Distortion

Bones Texas Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

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Zéro Kill05/29/2011

Zéro Kill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Bones Texas Distortion
Overdrive with two analog channels. The drive is common to both channels. Volume, tone, and each byte. So we can change the volume, attack and tonality of the pedal but we can not say that we have two overdrive underfoot since the drive is common. Quality construction is concrete, it's Radial.


It's an overdrive ... From blues to rock.On adjusts everything with his fingers and ears ... So penguins and deaf ... abstain!


Overdrive with a strong personality. I think it is unique in this approach sound. No compression, dynamic and full of frank and slam attacks, that is his niche. So it is better to try before you buy. You sound like SRV? So there chance for Missing Links! I have dozens of distortion and overdrive with me (radial, T-rex, Rocktron, Fulltone) and is now the only part of my board since I bought my last amp. I play on a Egnater Renegade and I use its channels for my overdrive and distortion. Except that I use a boost (MXR Micro Amp) for natural overdrive that gives me and Texas to color my sound. Let me explain. Me I use the clean channel of my Egnater with the gain at 3hours and I use my guitar volume down to play I clean and I go to an overdrive absolutely delicious that gives me the Egnater. The boost gives me even a bit more overdrive if I want. Texas used to give me a bell especially to all that! I would put very little drive (9hre) that since I use the Egnater but its color and personality that is really a plus in my sound palette. Here is the incredible sound that comes out. Wow! The mix overdrive my amp and the sound of this pedal as a dream team. The two channels from Texas also allow me to further adjustment. If you like the blues-rock ... you'll be filled!


I use this pedal for about a year but I recently rediscovered. The mixed sound of this pedal with my amp's natural overdrive is simply enjoyable. With a transistor amp I do not know what it could give, should see. But in the configuration I use (and Egnater Fender Stratocaster Renegade head) I have an awesome sound. I keep ...

nicoslash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Bones Texas Distortion
Overdrive Pedal 2 canaux.Analogique
Only powered by 9 volt transformer


2 volumes to select another overdrive with a higher level and a different gain.
Each channel has a 3 position switch to a vintage overdrive to modern


Nothing to say it's a full uncompressed dynamics. As clear as the lead channel of my combo ENGL sceammer 50!
The gain can move from a mild overdrive to a strong leader always well defined.
sustain and warmth with return
It replaces my Mxr ZW who made the foul.
Otherwise stuck behind an amp simulation to digital it goes very well for a home studio use.
Used with a Les Paul or SG sound is monstrous!


Purchased a week ago after comparing several overdrive (Xotic, Ibanez, MXR, Maxon etc ...)
Most is the 2 channels and a choice of 3 types of overdrive. The sound of a tube amp
The look also
Value for money proper solid material
I'm not disappointed by my choice!

M@rsouillet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Bones Texas Distortion
Overdrive pure Class A dual channel.

9V power supply (no batteries)


Trs classical level 1 and 2, tone 1 and 2, and the weapon drive gnral SECRTS, small switches "bite".


The button is at the top of the overdrive, I just do the test with my Start and my old custom ash roxanne Bedarieux made in France in the whole branch in an old JTM 60, adpasse far the Fulltone, Trex, Mojo, etc ... Xotic

The pedals will integrate to your board, trs arpond really good attacks, the dynamics are excellent and extremely musical timbre, as you ask for.

Attention, even if the second channel is capable of sending the bulk, the pedals are not made for mtal etc ... but for blues, rock and drive, it is simply the best.


I RPET again, we touch the top of the range of hardware which I highly recommend the association with good scratch and a good amp (good amp transistors does not exist. ..).

It is therefore no question of associating the horrors modlisation etc ... or scratch made in nowhere
Dj I said in other posts, good stuff is not expensive and forcment the market opportunity is provided, again, the ears s'duque.